Does Sounding Make You Cum?

sounding make you cumThose who are making their first steps at urethral stimulation or find urethral play interesting often wonder about the orgasm. It undeniable that there are so many people who like this type of erotic stimulation, but what kind of pleasure can it bring? Does sounding make you cum? These are just some of the questions that beginner users want to know about urethral sounding.

Does Sounding Make You Cum and How?

Does sounding make you cum? The short answer to this question is: yes. Sounding can make you cum and have powerful orgasms. This is one of the reasons why so many people use sounding devices for masturbation or kink play with their partners. This type of stimulation can be very rewarding, as long as you know how to use it safely.

At the same time, things are not that … read more

Measuring for a Cock Ring Infographic

There are many people who want to use cock rings to enhance erections and make the experience even more arousing for their partners. However, it is not possible to use just any cock ring – in order to fully enjoy this sex toy, you need a good fit. This is particularly true in the case of metal cock rings. These penis rings are sturdy so it is important to get the side you really need. This is why measuring for a cock ring becomes so important.

A Quick Guide

Basically, measuring for a cock ring means finding the correct inner diameter of a penis ring that will suit you perfectly. Cock rings come in different sizes, which means that there are different inner diameters to choose from. The goal is to find the one that suits you perfectly. It … read more

Ball Stretchers Infographic

Ball stretchers are among the most exciting niche sex toys. Niche sex toys are those toys that appeal to specific type of users. These users go beyond typical adult toys and seek devices that can fulfill very specific fantasies. The example of such toys include urethral toys or BDSM devices. Ball stretchers are among niche toys that many people use. The main purpose of ball stretchers and ball weights is to stretch the scrotum to achieve low-hanging balls. If you want to learn more about ball stretching devices, it is handy to have a ball stretchers infographic guide.

A Quick Ball Stretchers Infographic Guide

Ball stretchers and ball weights are special adult toys that have a specific use. They pull the scrotum down and, in time, allow the wearer to get lower testicles. Lower testicles or low-hanging balls … read more

Buyer’s Guide to Bondage Toys

bondage toys

Frisky Wristlet Cuffs

Bondage is powerful and there are many people who want to engage in it. BDSM has many forms and can range from light teasing to extreme kink and painful pleasures. In order to make your BDSM experience safe and satisfying, you need to use proper bondage toys. These toys are specially designed for restraining, locking, binding and other forms of bondage you want to try.

It is very important to use only proper and well-designed bondage toys for your kink scenarios. This will ensure your safety and prevent many of the risks that this sort of play can bring. Proper bondage toys will also ensure your satisfaction: these toys are secure so there is no moving or escaping! This is very important for any bondage play that you want to try.

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A Quick Cock Ring Measurement Formula

~ Dave Ruston

Are you averaging the flaccid and erect measurements and then diving by pi or which one are you using to determine the correct inner diameter. Just provide the formula please ?. Maybe I’m just missing something but the verbage seems to be missing part of the equation.

Cock Ring Measurement FormulaThe primary measurement for a cock ring is your erect size. In many situations, it gives good results. However, certain users report somewhat incorrect results with this method. It happens because most people need a cock ring that is a bit smaller than their erect size. This is why there is a recommendation to measure both flaccid and erect sizes, just to be on the safe side. However, chances are that the erect size will be enough for many people.

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Urethral Toys Infographic

Urethral toys are adult toys ideal for experiencing new sensations. Urethral play involves inserting toys into the urethra for the purpose of sexual arousal and pleasure. Both men and women can enjoy urethral play to the fullest.

Urethral Toys Infographic Guide

In order to enjoy urethral play and to stay safe, you need proper urethral toys. These are toys that are specially designed for the purpose of urethral stimulation. It is vital to use only these toys for urethral play.

Here is a quick infographic guide to the most popular sounding devices: urethral sounds, penis plugs, urethral stretchers and trainers, cum stoppers, and more:

Urethral Toys Infographic




How to Put On a Chastity Cage

How to Put On a Chastity CageIf you wish to enjoy male chastity play, you need to know how to put on a chastity cage properly. Ensuring a proper fit is essential for a safe and successful experience so this is a step you should not overlook. It is crucial to position a chastity lock and the rest of device properly so there are no health consequences. This is why it is so important to know how to put on a chastity cage without a problem. Only then you will be able to enjoy your male chastity play to the fullest.

How to Put on a Chastity Cage: Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules on how to put on a chastity cage. Keep in mind that a lot will depend on the exact model of your male chastity device. There are many different penis cages … read more

Best Shower Enema Designs

Best Shower Enema Designs

The “Miner” Shower Enema

Shower Enemas are great erotic toys that will make you fully clean. This is a great way to clean your colon in the privacy of your own home. Enemas are great ways to fully clean yourself before anal sex, so they are highly recommended, as long as you don’t overdo it. Also, enemas can be very sexy and arousing. It’s not a surprise that many fetish enthusiasts enjoy this type of activity. It is particularly popular in the BDSM community, especially among fans of medical play. However, this is not the only reason to use enemas for pleasure. Anyone can enjoy a good enema and experience some new and arousing feelings.

Sexy Times in the Shower: Various Shower Enema Designs

Shower Enemas are particularly great because you can use them in the bathroom. They are … read more

Shower Enemas: Unforgettable Experience for All

shower enemas

Ribbed Shower Enema

Shower Enemas are great devices specially designed for unique experience. All enema enthusiasts know how difficult it is to use handheld enema kits.

Plus, sometimes you just want something extra, and shower is a perfect place for experimentation!

What are Shower Enemas?

Shower Enemas are sex toys specially designed for anal cleansing. Unlike standard medical toy enemas, these ones are used in the shower. Every Shower Enema can be securely fitted into your shower for some steamy water fun.

Enemas have a long use as sexual toys, especially in the BDSM community and among those who like medical toys. However, it doesn’t mean enema use is popular only in these niches. In fact, many people like to use enemas for deep cleaning before anal sex, and many find the experience itself arousing, especially when done with a … read more

Using Enemas before Anal Sex

Using Enemas before Anal Sex

Smooth Oblong Shower Enema

Many people wonder if enemas are necessary to do before anal sex. There is no one good answer to this. Some people do not do it, while others claim it’s important to be truly clean before attempting any anal activity. It is important to know if you should really have enemas before anal sex.

The truth is perhaps in the middle, but it’s important to remember that enemas can be very satisfying. They will make anal sex cleaner, but that’s not all: they can be very fun and arousing. A perfect foreplay before you move to the main thing!

Why it’s Good to Use Enemas

Enemas are a great way to clean yourself and your partner before anal sex or any other type of anal activity. There is only so much you can achieve … read more