Can Urethra Actually be Stretched?

Beginners at urethral sounding are often frustrated. It is not always easy to insert even the smallest urethral toys inside of the penis. Even if they manage to do it, inserting larger toys seems impossible. The only way to use those larger toys is to stretch your urethra. But can urethra actually be stretched?

Can Urethra Actually be Stretched: The Answer

Can urethra actually be stretched? In short, yes. It is possible to stretch your urethra to larger sizes. Some men are surprised at how big their urethra can actually get, and how thick toys they can insert. However, this largely depends on the anatomy. And here is where the answer to the above question becomes more complicated.

Can urethra actually be stretched? Yes, but it is not possible to say how much you can stretch yours. It depends on … read more

What Are Medical Sounds and Penis Plugs?

Those who enjoy urethral play often wonder about different types of urethral sounds. What are medical sounds and how are they different than other urethral toys? It is important to understand how medical sounds and penis plugs are different than other urethral toys, and how you can use them for your pleasure.

Medical Sounds and Penis Plugs for Fetish Play

Medical sounds and penis plugs are urethral toys ideal for those who want to try medical play. Those with a medical fetish will love these toys during their play. However, you don’t have to be into medical fetish to enjoy medical sounds and penis plugs.

In fact, there are many regular sounds that are actually medical sounds. It is important to understand this, so you can choose the best urethral toys for your needs. When you decide to … read more

What is the Difference between Bullet and Egg Vibes?

difference between egg and bullet vibesSexy bullets and eggs are amazing vibrator toys you can use in many different ways. These are great for teasing and arousing specific spots. These mini vibrators are packed with power so you can cum over and over. While very similar toys in design and use, there is a certain difference between bullet and egg vibrators that you need to know about.

Difference between Bullet and Egg: The Design

When it comes to design, there is no much difference between bullet and egg vibrators. This is why they are typically listed under the same category of sex toys. In most cases, people use them in very similar ways. In some models, there is no much difference between the two so it is not surprising that they are often seen as one and the same.

However, there are some subtle differences … read more

How to Use Electro Van Buren Sound?

Van Buren sounds are excellent urethral toys for those who want to try deep urethral play and prostate massage. They have a specific curve on one end that fits nicely with the natural curves of the urethra. There are many different types of Van Buren sounds you can use. Those who are into e-stim may want to seek an opportunity to use electro Van Buren sound.

What is an Electro Van Buren Sound?

An electro Van Buren sound is a urethral toy that is specially made of electro stimulation (e-stim). These toys are used with special electro sex boxes, so they provide more intensity and specific sensations to the user. Namely, an electro Van Buren sound is a Van Buren sound that you can attach to your favorite electro sex box for added intensity.

It is important to only use … read more

A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

Is there a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wide area of the testicle?

~ Hugh

There are many different ball stretchers you can use for your needs. A typical ball stretching weight is a cylinder that pulls on your scrotum. Some of those cylinders are thin and resemble rings, while others are thicker and can affect a wider area. There are also special types of ball stretchers that provide different sensations. It all depends on your individual needs.

A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

If you are looking for a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wider area, it is best to get a thicker (taller) ball stretcher. This is the opposite of a ball stretcher that resembles a ring or an oval. Instead, you need something thicker and taller. Such … read more

What is a Piss Slit Stretcher?

One of the most challenging aspects of starting urethral play is to enlarge your pee hole and urethra itself. Let’s face it: the pee hole is more like a piss slit before you start experimenting with urethral stimulation. This is why many people wonder if there is a specific piss slit stretcher that can help you insert the toys into the urethra.

What is a Piss Slit Stretcher?

A piss slit stretcher is any urethral toy that can help you stretch your pee hole. Luckily, there are many different toys that can achieve this same goal. However, you need to understand that enlarging your pee hole is just one step. What you want to stretch in order to accept urethral toys is the urethra itself. Stretching your piss slit alone is not enough.

The good news is that there are … read more

What Makes Henk Sounds Special?

Henk soundsHenk sounds, also known as Hank sounds, are urethral toys great for many different users. You don’t have to be an expert in urethral sounding to use them, but it is best to have at least some experience. These urethral toys can go deep enough to provide intense stimulation, but they are not designed for ultra-deep urethral play or extreme sensations. There are many different ways to enjoy these toys so you need to try them on and see what works best for you.

What Sets Henk Sounds Apart from Other Urethral Toys?

There are many different urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Henk sounds are popular toys, but they are not as common as some other types of urethral sounds, such as Hegar sounds. So, why use Hank sounds? What makes these toys special and worthy of … read more

Removing Penis Plug the Next Morning: Yes or No?

Of course you can leave the plug used overnight. Removing penis plug the next morning is certainly not a problem, but this is not desirable and necessary. Due to its olive shape, the plug holds in the constriction on the meatus urethrae externus and lies comfortably in the fossa navicularis urethrae. Take a look at the picture of the plug. The plug is 5cm long. The problem is only after 2 to 3 weeks, the meatus urethrae externus is dilated and you bring the next size. The far you notice only when the plug falls out, but that’s a desired effect.

 ~ Jagtstein

One great thing about penis plugs is that you can wear them for longer periods of time. While urethral sounds are longer and ideal for masturbation and couple play, penis plugs can do more things than simply … read more

How Does a Male Adult Widen His Urethra?

There are many ways to enjoy urethral play. Some people do not need much: even a small penis plug or another short toy will do. However, most people who are into urethral stimulation need something more. In order to accept larger toys and in order to go truly deep down the penis, you need to make your urethra bigger. How does a male adult widen his urethra?

Male Adult Widen His Urethra: How to Do This

How does a male adult widen his urethra? As it turns out, this is not as difficult as it may seem. Urethra stretching is a process that widens the urethra so it can accept larger toys. Many men manage to do this without a problem. All you need is some patience, lots of lube and proper urethral toys to do the trick.

The … read more

What is the Heaviest Ring for the Penis?

Love the donut glans ring I recently purchased. It is the heaviest ring I have worn do far and makes my cock hang the way I want it to! Thank you The Chain Gang!

~ Rick

Rick, we are extremely pleased that you are satisfied with our products! Donut glans ring is one of the most powerful and heaviest glans rings in our store. Those who prefer their cock and glans rings to be massive will sure appreciate its power. Looking for the heaviest ring for your penis? Donut glans ring sure delivers, and we also have some other options for guys like you. If you, like Rick, want a powerful, massive cock or glans ring that will press all the right spots, here are some options you should consider. If you are looking for the heaviest ring for the … read more