Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell

Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell


The Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell is a very remarkable piece that will look wonderful in your piercing jewelry collection. The pearl is 5mm in size and would accent any piercing wonderfully. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free, and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold. The Pearls used are Genuine. They are all hand set, Not just glued in as with most companies.

14K Gold Curved Barbells being offered now in different sizes!

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry store brings to you the very best in body jewelry. All of 14K Yellow Gold jewelry available at The Chain Gang is solid (even the balls). Our body piercing jewelry products do not make use of hollow balls or shafts that are being used by several other companies. You can find elegantly designed 14K Gold jewelry in our Body Piercing Jewelry store conforming to highest quality standards.

14K Single Gem Curved Barbell

14K Single Gem Curved Barbell

Here is an image of one of our beautiful solid ball Curved Barbells.

14 gauge and larger are internally threaded.

The standard ball sizes used are as follows:

  • 18 gauge use 1/8″ Balls
  • 14 and 12 gauge use 3/16″ Balls
  • 16 gauge use 5/32″ Balls
  • 10 & 8 gauge use 1/4″ Balls

Although Curved Barbells can be worn with virtually any piercing, they are the perfect option for navel piercing, eyebrow piercing, and several below the waist piercings. Solid Gold is great for adding a look of class and sophistication to any piercing.

14k Gold pieces are manufactured using totally nickel free gold and are available in two choices of solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold.

You can have a look at the curved barbell features and buy it now at 14K Gold РCurved Barbell presently under the Curved Barbells section of The Chain Gang Body Piercing Jewelry.