Surgical Steel or Polished Titanium?

Surgical Steel is one of the most popular body jewelry materials. Another common material is titanium. Along with 14k nickel-free gold, these are probably the most popular jewelry materials for your piercings. So, how to choose between them?

Titanium and Surgical Steel: Which is Better?

Surgical Steel or polished Titanium? Which one is better for your piercing jewelry. The truth is that both of these materials are great, but only if they are truly of high quality. This is particularly important in the case of Surgical Steel. As you probably know, steel often contains alloys, including nickel. In order for steel to be safe for body jewelry, it has to be of specific high quality that traps the alloys inside of the metal. It means that these alloys can never come in contact with your skin.

This is incredibly important for safety. The only way to have good piercing jewelry is to use materials that are safe for the body. Keep in mind that steel itself is not completely safe. Yes, many people can wear it without a problem, but it is also common to get allergies from this material.

For this reason, the only recommended grade of steel to use for piercing jewelry is Surgical Steel. Even with Surgical Steel, there are different qualities and grades. The safest options are 316 L Surgical Steel and 316 LVM Surgical Steel. That is the type of steel that is safest for the body. It also produces the safest steel body jewelry.

So, does it mean that you should only use this material? Of course not. There are many other safe materials for body piercings. One of them is titanium. In fact, titanium is accepted as the safest material for piercing jewelry (or one of the safest). Yes, it is even safer than Surgical Steel.

Why is that? Titanium is an elemental metal. It means that it doesn’t contain alloys. This is a great news for those who are particularly sensitive and prone to allergies. Polished titanium works great if the polishing does not harm the metal itself and if it doesn’t contain coating and other alloys.

Surgical Steel or Polished Titanium: The Debate

Surgical Steel or polished titanium is a common debate. It is important to know that most users will not have a problem with either of these materials. Both are safe and both are suitable for piercing jewelry.

However, the fact that titanium is hypoallergenic material can be significant for those who are sensitive and very prone to allergies. Most people will not have to worry about this, but if you are extremely sensitive, then titanium jewelry is the best choice for you.

Also, many recommend titanium as a better choice for initial jewelry. In practice, Surgical Steel is also known to work well, as long as a person is not hyper-sensitive. If you know of your sensitivities, make sure to talk to your piercer about the best jewelry options.

Surgical Steel or polished Titanium doesn’t have to be a defining choice. In fact, most people have jewelry made of both materials. Keep in mind that Surgical Steel is more common so chances are that you will find a wider variety of jewelry styles in this material. Again, this is perfectly fine unless you are hyper-sensitive.

Titanium is an excellent choice for those with allergies and those looking for super-safe colored jewelry. Since titanium can be anodized, it is possible to produce many vibrant colors without any dyes. This is an important distinction you need to pay attention to.

In short, both Surgical Steel and Titanium are great jewelry materials. Both are safe and both produce wonderful body jewelry pieces. The only issue is for those people with hypersensitivity. If this is not you, chances are that both of these materials will work for you. You will be able to enjoy piercing jewelry made of both Surgical Steel and Titanium.

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