Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Rings


Princess Gem Set Hybrid D Ring

Surgical steel Fixed Bead Rings

Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Rings are wonderful if you have problems getting your beads to stay on your rings. The beads are fixed to one side of the ring so that you will not lose them. They are made from 316LVM Surgical Steel.

To change a Fixed Bead Ring all that you have to do is hold the ring on each side of the bead, pull it apart just a little then (still holding it the same way), twist the ring, in other words, turn your right hand clockwise, and your left hand counter clockwise. That will make it more like a spiral so that you can very easily insert it or take it out. It really is very easy, just make sure to not actually hold or put pressure on the bead itself, just the ring. Also if you would like you can also purchase the Ring Opening and Ring Closing Pliers that are made for this, which admittedly does make it much easier

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