Surgical Steel Disc Lock from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

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Surgical Steel Disc LockLatest from our Accessories range – Surgical Steel Disc Lock. This product is extremely popular with our online shoppers.

The hasp of the lock is gauge and suitable for body piercings as the body jewelry padlock is made up of 316LVM Surgical Steel.

Unlike other working locks which come with a key, this lock does not come with a key instead it requires a screwdriver in order to operate it, so there is no risk of losing the key and having to get bolt cutters.
The product has been priced at $53.99 and is available in a variety of gauges and styles to choose from.

Product measurements (Based on 8 gauge)

  • Width 19mm
  • Depth 6mm
  • Base Height 19mm
  • Overall Height 29mm

Go and shop for this unique product now! Just log on to our online shopping store and go to the product page located at “Surgical Steel Disc Lock” present under “Accessories” section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

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