Surface Piercing Infection vs Migration & Rejection

Surface PiercingSurface piercings are beautiful and can be very attractive. There are also many different types of surface piercings you can get, so they allow you to express your creativity and unique tastes. One great thing about surface piercings is that they allow you to pierce even body parts that cannot be pierced by standard piercing methods. On the other hand, surface piercings are more sensitive than the regular piercings. They are more prone to problems such as migration and rejection, so they are not as long-lasting as the regular piercing types. This is something to keep in mind if you decide to have a surface piercing.

Surface Piercing Infection vs Migration & Rejection: The Problem

One of the main problems with surface piercings is that they are very prone to problems. It is one of the main reasons why they don’t last as long as the regular piercings. Another issue is that it is often difficult to recognize which problem is happening: infection, migration or rejection.

The trouble is that all of these things can look similar when it comes to surface piercings. Sure, migration and rejection may resemble infections even for the regular piercings, but it becomes even more striking in the case of surface piercings. This is something you need to remember if you wish to get surface piercings.

Both migration and infections start with redness around the piercing. There can also be some pain and the area around the piercing may be sensitive to touch. For many piercings, it doesn’t become immediately clear which problem is occurring.

One problem with this scenario is that you may not be sure how to treat the issue. Migration and rejection generally require a different course of action than an infection. Also, infection usually requires immediate action while in the case of migration and rejection you should monitor your piercing first to see if the issue is progressing. It may be difficult to make a proper decision unless you know what you are dealing with.

What to Do?

For he above mentioned reasons, it is important to be careful and to consult your piercer as well as your medical provider. You piercer knows a lot about piercings and how they behave, so they can tell you if you are dealing with a migration and rejection.

On the other hand, it is also important to visit your doctor because this is the only person who can give you a medical advice and tell you if your piercing is infected. Also, if the piercing is infected the right course of action is to treat the infection immediately, which is something only your doctor can do. Do not try go to your piercer for a medical advice.

Also, make sure to monitor your piercing regularly, even when it looks normal. There are some common signs of infection that may set it apart from the migration and rejection: pus, prolonged swelling, tenderness to the touch, fever. If you notice these signs make sure to consult your doctor immediately. Also, this is a good way of avoiding many other piercing problems.

In case there is just a bit of redness it may be a sign of migration and rejection. Make sure to monitor your piercing further to see if the condition worsens. Infections typically progress quickly, so don’t wait. Make sure to visit your doctor immediately if you notice your piercing getting worse. If it stays the same, monitor it carefully.

Keep in mind that there is often not much you can do in the case of migration and rejection but you may try to change jewelry to more comfortable jewelry and avoid putting pressure onto your piercing to slow down or stop the process. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t have an infection because all infections have to be treated immediately. When in doubt, make sure to consult your doctor.

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