Stylish Body Jewelry Tricks

Stylish Body JewelryStylish body jewelry is stunning and very attractive. It’s one of the best ways to enhance the look of your piercings and to make them aesthetically perfect.

If you want to attract attention or just to look your best, richly ornamented, beautiful piercing jewelry is a must for your piercings.

Obviously, a lot will depend on the circumstances, such as the occasion, your personal style and, above all, the type of piercing. Some piercings are better than the others when it comes to displaying richly ornamented jewelry. A lot will depend on the body part: if you have a facial or ear piercing, you can enhance it by wearing big, gorgeous jewelry pieces. If the piercing is somewhat hidden the effect might be lost.

Stylish Body Jewelry and Your Style

A lot will depend on your personal style. For example, certain jewelry pieces work great with stylish clothes. In these circumstances, you might want to wear very beautiful and luxurious jewelry. This is particularly important for special circumstances when you wish to look your best. Gold and diamond jewelry is perfect for these occasions and it will enhance your look. These jewelry pieces are very luxurious so you will sure attract a lot of attention.

Navel jewelry is particularly great when it comes to designs and ornaments. The best thing about these jewelry pieces is that you don’t have to wear them with stylish clothes – they can be a great choice for more informal occasions, such as a party or even a relaxing day at the beach. There are so many jewelry choices that will enhance your look, and a lot will depend on the occasion.

For example, elegant and stylish clothes (such as evening dresses) ask for luxurious jewelry pieces, especially if it’s a special occasion in question. More relaxed clothes or an informal party ask for more vibrant jewelry pieces. However, this is only a suggestion. Only you can tell what kind of body jewelry you prefer for any given occasion.

Stylish Body Jewelry for Genital Piercings

While wearing gorgeous body jewelry is a big plus, it might be wasted for piercings that are hidden. That is, if you don’t have someone special who can be allowed to see your naked body and all hidden piercings!

That being said, intimate piercings are typically not a good candidate for richly ornamented body jewelry, mainly because these body parts are very sensitive and gentle. It is typically required to wear plain and smooth body jewelry for all your genital piercings. However, you might want to surprise your partner from time to time and wear gorgeous and stunning body jewelry. In these special occasions it might be ok to wear richly ornamented jewelry in your genital piercings and other sensitive piercings (such as nipple piercings), as long as you don’t wear these heavy and big jewelry pieces on a daily basis. Other than that, the only limit is your imagination!

Attractive Jewelry for Men

What about men, you may ask. Most of the richly ornamented body jewelry pieces are designed for women. These pieces are made to be worn with dresses and other stylish clothing. Does it mean men cannot wear big and luxurious body jewelry?

Nothing can be further from the truth. Men can, and do, wear attractive body jewelry. First of all, there are generally no jewelry for men or women specifically: any person can wear any jewelry piece that they like. In other words, there is no reason why only ladies can enjoy those rich and stylish jewelry pieces.

However, if you are guy looking for something less “flashy” and ornamented but still very attractive, there are many choices. There are many stylish and luxurious body jewelry pieces men can use to enhance their piercings. You should know your style and choose the best jewelry pieces for your needs. Also, don’t forget the occasion and clothing so you can find jewelry pieces that will perfectly match your look.

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Donna Carlson is a staff writer for TheChainGang. She combines her love for body piercings with adult fun, such as sex toys, BDSM and other forms of pleasure. She says: “Piercings and sex toys often complement each other in the most sensual ways. I am happy to help you discover new ways to pleasure yourself and your partner. With a bit of practice, anyone can learn how to enhance their love life. And with a bit of courage, anyone can enjoy body piercings”. In addition to intimate piercings and adult toys, Donna also writes about body jewelry and other piercing adornments.

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