Stretched Piercing Types

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Stretched piercings look very unique and effective. Stretching can transform any plain-looking piercing into something different. This is particularly true for earlobe piercings. Regular earlobe piercing is so plain many people don’t even consider it to be “real” piercing. Stretched earlobes, on the other hand, are very effective and daring.

If you choose to stretch one or more of your piercings, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the stretching procedure. This is not something you should do out of nowhere and unprepared. Keep in mind that learning about stretching is more than simply learning how to do it. There are also some other things to keep in mind, such as how to choose the right piercing to stretch or how to pick the right jewelry for your newly stretched piercing.

When it comes to choosing the right piercing to stretch, you need to know that most of the piercings have the ability to be stretched (at least to a certain degree). However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll want to have them stretched. You need to think about the desired effect and what you want to achieve before you choose which piercing to stretch.

You should also think about jewelry. Stretched piercings are very effective and rewarding, so it’s important to choose the right type of jewelry to go with them.

Common Stretched Piercings

There are a few popular piercings that are commonly stretched. While many piercings can be stretched to a larger gauge, stretching is commonly performed just on some of them. The most popular stretched piercing forms include:

  • Stretched Earlobes. This is by far the most popular stretched piercing type. It transforms the plain-looking earlobe piercing into something special. Many people choose to stretch their earlobes to a really large gauge. Since earlobes are by far the most popular type of stretched piercings, it’s not surprising that most of the large gauge jewelry and stretched piercing jewelry is specially designed for stretched earlobes.
  • Genital piercings. Many types of genital piercings, especially penis piercings, are easily stretchable. It means there are many people who choose to have a genital piercing stretched to a larger gauge. While this stretching can be done for the aesthetics, it is also done for pleasure. Many people find heavy, large jewelry sexually stimulating. Not to mention that big jewelry can actively help during sex by stimulating both the wearer and their partner during sex.
  • Nipple piercing. Nipple piercings are another popular piercing type, and some people wish to stretch them. Just like in the case of genital piercings, stretched nipples may be sexually stimulating and allow you to wear very attractive jewelry types.
  • Septum piercing. Another relatively common piercing type to stretch is septum piercing. Many people enjoy sturdy, heavy jewelry in their septum piercing. While this style is not as popular as some other stretched piercing forms, there are people who enjoy it.
  • Other. Other piercing types are stretched more rarely. It doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to stretch other piercings, such as your lip piercing or navel piercing. It just means that stretching is not so common for these piercing types. In the case of some piercings, however, especially surface piercings, stretching is difficult and doesn’t always bring desired results.

Additional Info

  • When choosing a piercing to stretch, consider your motives and a desired effect you wish to achieve. Why are you doing this? Are you going after a unique visual look? Or do you perform stretching to make your piercing more functional (for example, more sexually stimulating)?
  • It is important to always wear jewelry made in the right gauge, so your piercing will remain stretched and the jewelry will fit perfectly. This is why it’s important to always carefully choose jewelry for your stretched piercing.
  • Keep in mind that stretching is reversible – up to a point. If you stretch your piercing to a very large gauge, you won’t be able to retire this piercing entirely. While the hole will probably get smaller, it won’t close altogether. This is particularly true for stretched earlobes.
  • If you don’t stretch to a much larger gauge, keep in mind that the holes will start to shrink if you don’t wear appropriately-sized jewelry in them. If you wish to keep your stretched piercing, don’t take the jewelry out and don’t wear jewelry of a smaller gauge than needed.
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