How to Stretch Urethra to 9mm?

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How do I go from 8mm to 9mm rods without pain? I use lots of lube.

penis plugsThere are certain milestones in urethral play. You hit the first milestone when you manage to insert a toy in your penis for the first time, even if it’s just the tip. Another milestone comes when you learn how to masturbate to orgasm or when you figure out how to use urethral toys or the best effect. Other milestones include increasing the length of the toy or reaching your prostate. One of the most important milestones in urethral play is stretching your urethra to a specific size. You need to stretch urethra to be able to insert proper urethral toys, so this is basically when curious experimentation with urethral toys turns into a habit. Stretching is exciting and it can bring many pleasurable moments. At the same time, stretching is frustrating because it may seem like you are making a progress at one point, only to hit the wall in the next moment.

Problems with Stretching

Many people discover that it is actually fun to stretch urethra. After all, you are using nice urethral toys and you are allowed to masturbate while doing it: what’s not to like? This all sounds great, but most people face with a problem. After initial easy stretch, it seems like they hit a plateau. Suddenly, it seems so difficult to stretch further. Any attempt is painful and uncomfortable. Stretching your urethra becomes frustrating instead enjoyable.

It is important to understand that this is normal. Hitting a plateau is something you should expect at some point, and chances are that you will encounter this issue several times during the stretching process. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your technique or your urethral toys.

However, just to be on the safe side, here are some things you can check to make sure that they are not creating obstacles:

  • Is your urethral toy a proper one? Remember, it is best to stretch with special trainers and not regular urethral toys.
  • If you do want to use a regular urethral toy, is it suitable for beginners? It has to be smooth and relatively short.
  • Do you use enough lube? If yes, is it the right type of a lube? It needs to be sterile and long-lasting.
  • Are you gentle enough? This is not something you can achieve with force. Urethra is sensitive so it is important to go slowly and carefully.
  • Are you patient enough? This is not something you can achieve overnight. You need to invest more time, so it is important to be patient.
  • Do you make proper breaks? Remember, your body needs a break from stretching, especially if it feels like something is not working. Make sure to pause for a few days and try again once your body is relaxed.

How to Stretch Urethra Properly?

The only way to stretch urethra properly and safely is to be patient. This is not the most exciting thing to hear, but it is true. Hitting a wall and reaching a plateau in stretching happens, and you need to accept that.

Chances are that it will go away eventually. Just keep trying, but in a careful, sensible way. Give your body time to recover between sessions. Don’t push it. Use plenty of lube. Go slowly. Be ready to give up and try again at a later time when you experience pain.

Once you accept the fact that it might need some time to stretch urethra to 9mm, it will become easier. It might not happen tomorrow, but be patient and chances are that it will happen at one point.

At the same time, it is important to remember that not all people can stretch urethra equally. While 9mm is not too wide, it might just be that this is your limit. There is a great chance that it isn’t, but there will be a limit and you need to be ready to accept it. However, it is unlikely that you won’t be able to stretch from 8mm to 9mm, so just keep trying, but make sure to be patient and to give your body some time to recover between the attempts.

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