Star Flesh Tunnels – Stretch Your Piercings in Style

Stretching your ear piercings, taking them to the next level, is a definite style statement, but it is also a style reserved for the daring. For all those who dare to stretch and be different, The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store brings Earlets & Tunnels, innovative body jewelry pieces which are made from the highest quality materials. They are fashionable, safe for piercings and come in a wide variety of designs.

The latest addition to our Earlets & Tunnels range are the Star Flesh Tunnels. They not only decorate piercings, but also promise to keep them completely healthy. A change from the conventional circles, which are not only old and plain but also boring, the Star Flesh Tunnels are made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and look simply fabulous in piercings.

We are offering these beautiful pieces at an unbeatable price of $15.99 per piece. You can select the gauge while ordering. The low price, coupled with our cheap to free US shipping option, is a deal definitely not to be missed!

About The Chain Gang:
At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we produce some of the very finest Quality Body Piercing Jewelry and Adult Toys in the Industry. We are also always happy to help you whenever we can. Just email us.

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