Spirals for Stretching: Which Gauge to Use?


so, when ordering spiral jewelry, which gauge would I order? I’m currently at an 8g and wanna go to a 6g, so would I order an 8g spiral or a 6g spiral?

Spirals for StretchingWhen choosing tapers and other stretching tools it is very important to choose the appropriate size. The same goes for jewelry made for stretched piercings: it is vital to order the appropriate size (gauge).

An appropriate gauge (size) should always match your existing piercing size, unless you wish to order a taper to stretch your piercing to a larger size. While it is possible to use a single taper for one-time stretch, many people choose to get a taper kit so they can stretch gradually to larger and larger sizes.

However, this is a rule for tapers and other stretching tools. What about jewelry that can double as a stretching tool? There are certain jewelry types such as headhunters, spirals, etc. that can be used to both stretch your lobes and to use them as jewelry.

Jewelry as Stretchers

Generally speaking, jewelry should not be used for stretching your earlobes or any other type of piercing. Jewelry is made for long-term wear and it is typically made in one gauge, which means that you have to insert it by force and stretch your piercing on the spot. This is known as “dreadstretching” and is not recommended. Deadstretch can lead to injuries, breaking of tissue and other problems.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to always use tapers and other specialized tools to stretch your piercings. Tapers are good because they are designed for smooth and safe stretching experience. As a rule, tapers have ends of different gauges: the thinner, smaller end is the one of your current gauge and the taper then gradually thickens to the next gauge, stretching your piercing to the next gauge. During taper stretching, you need to have a jewelry in your new gauge prepared so you can run it smoothly through the piercing hole. It is also recommended to use some Emu oil or another lubricant to make the process even smoother.

All of this is clear when we’re talking about typical jewelry for stretched piercings and about typical tapers. What about those jewelry pieces that can also be used for stretching? Or, rather, tapers that are sometimes used as jewelry? While tapers are generally not made to be used as jewelry, certain stretching tools, like crescents, can also be worn as jewelry.

The same goes for certain types of spirals, headhunters and other similar jewelry pieces. These are different than the regular stretched piercing jewelry because they have different gauges at different points of the jewelry. They are typically thinner on ends and thicker in the middle, though this varies.

If you wish to wear this type of jewelry and use it for gradual stretching you may wonder which size to order.

Spiral Jewelry: Ordering the Right Gauge

It is not always easy to decide which gauge (size) to order when choosing stretching tools or jewelry you can use to stretch your piercing to the next gauge. It is important to remember that it is best to stretch with tapers because they are specially designed for this purpose alone. One important thing to remember is that tapers should not be used as jewelry – they are not meant to be worn, just to make your piercing stretch to the larger size.

As a general rule, when ordering tapers and other stretching tools, the gauge you should order is the one you want to stretch to, not your current gauge.

This is important guideline to remember. What about jewelry such as spirals, headhunters, crescents and other jewelry that doesn’t have uniform gauge? The rule above still stands. These jewelry pieces are listed in stores according to the largest gauge they have. In other words, their thickest gauge is listed. These jewelry pieces may have some other gauges, too (for example, thinner ends or other parts) but the biggest gauge is the one that is listed.

If you wish to order these jewelry pieces to stretch, you need to keep the above guideline in mind.  You should order jewelry in the gauge you wish to stretch to. For example, if you are currently on 8 gauge and wish to stretch to 6 gauge, you should order 6 gauge spirals, crescents or headhunters.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Keep in mind that spirals, headhunters, crescents and other similar jewelry pieces are best to be used as jewelry, not as stretching tools.
  • If you want to use them as stretching tools, make sure to go slowly and use Emu oil or another lubricant to make for a smoother and more comfortable experience.
  • Remember that jewelry such as spirals, headhunters, crescents and other large gauge jewelry may not start at your current gauge even if it ends at your goal gauge. Unlike tapers, these jewelry pieces are not always made to go from one gauge to the next gauge. As such, they may have non-standard thickness at some point. These parts of the jewelry are smaller than the goal gauge (remember, the thickest jewelry part is the gauge that is listed) so they may not provide the best stretching For this reason, it is recommended to wear them as jewelry and to use tapers for stretching.
  • On the other hand, these jewelry pieces provide one advantage: they can stretch your piercing gradually, because you can move the jewelry slowly toward the thicker point over the course of hours or maybe even days.
  • If you do choose to stretch with these jewelry pieces and want to go slowly, do take your time. It may take several days or even more to stretch to your goal gauge. However, keep in mind that you should not wear the jewelry continuously for this whole period. It is particularly uncomfortable to sleep with these jewelry types on, so this is something to keep in mind. If they feel uncomfortable during sleep, remove them and use regular jewelry during night. Insert your spirals the next morning to continue the gradual stretching.
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