Spam blockers block many companies email

Something that is really becoming a headache that has little to do with body jewelry is SPAM and SPAM BLOCKERS. One has gotten to be as bad as the other. Spammers got to be horrible, so companies made Spam blockers better and better. Now some of them are to good and you are not getting the email that you really should be getting.

Most all of the receipts and updates are sent by software when we tell it to, and most all automated emails like that are blocked by a few of the harsh spam blockers such as AOL and Hotmail. You may not even know it but if you are with either of them, you are not getting all of your mail, bank on it.

Learn how to use your spam software so that you can add companies that you do want to deal with to your “White List” or “Ok List” so that we can get to you when we need to.

Oh well back on body piercing jewelry on the next post

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