Sounds that Reach the Prostate

Urethral StimulationThere are many urethral sounds you can try if you wish to practice urethral stimulation. Sounds and other types of urethral toys are a great way to stimulate your urethra. Those who like this feeling will benefit from these amazing toys.

Remember, it is always vital to use only specially designed toys made for the purpose of urethral stimulation.

About Urethral Sounds

As you probably know, there are many different types of urethral sounds you can try. Many of them have a standardized shape and design, unlike penis plugs. Keep in mind that many urethral sounds are modeled after real sounds doctors use for urethral examinations. On the other hand, penis plugs are made just as sex toys only and can have many different designs and shapes.

That not to say that sounds are generally uniform or all the same. There are actually many different types of urethral sounds you can use. Some of them are really modeled after medical instruments, which may be great for those who like lie to engage in medical fetish. On the other hand, there are also some urethral sounds that are specially made just for the urethral stimulation.

In other words, those who wish to use urethral toys have a lot of choices. There are standard urethral sounds that are modeled after real medical instruments and there are those that are made specifically for the purpose of urethral stimulation.

Urethral Sounds that Reach the Prostate

Those interested in deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage often wish to know that kind of toys to use to achieve the effect of stimulating these deep erogenous zones. While all urethral toys are made to stimulate your urethra, not all of them can reach the prostate.

In fact, only some large toys are made for the purpose of prostate massage, so this is something to keep in mind. If you want to try deep urethral stimulation you sure want to know what kind of urethral sounds can reach the prostate.

The first thing you need to know is that a sound has to be long enough – short sounds and other short urethral toys are just not made for the purpose of deep urethral stimulation. These toys are fun and can bring a lot of pleasure but simply cannot reach the prostate.

Another thing to keep in mind is the shape. Many urethral sounds are long and straight, so they can reach pretty deep. However, sounds that are ideal for prostate massage and deep urethral stimulation are typically curved. This curve follows your body’s natural passage and can reach your prostate easily and without discomfort. This is why these curved urethral sounds are best to use for those who wish to try deep urethral stimulation and especially prostate massage.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing sounds that can reach the prostate:

  • In order to reach the prostate, the sound should ideally be around 11 to 12 inches long. It will depend on your anatomy, but this is the length you are going for.
  • Curved sounds are particularly good for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage.
  • Van Buren sounds are urethral sound specially designed for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. If you wish to try these things, make sure to choose Van Buren sounds – these are the ones specially designed for the purpose. Van Buren sounds have a curve so they can fit your urethra perfectly and reach your prostate for the best stimulation imaginable.
  • Hegar sounds may be the most popular urethral sounds on the market, but they are just not long enough. This is why Hegars may not be the best choice for those who wish to try prostate massage.
  • Pratt sounds are a bit longer than Hegars so they may be used for deep urethral massage.
  • Rosebud sounds are excellent for those who wish to start experimenting with deep urethral sounding. These are beginner sounds that are not really made for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage but can reach very deep. These may be a good choice for those who wish to try deeper urethral stimulation but are not ready for more extreme forms of urethral play.
  • Similarly to the Rosebud sounds, Dittle sounds can be used to try some deeper urethral stimulation. Keep in mind however, that these sounds are not specially made for prostate stimulation.
  • Guyon sounds are special types of extreme urethral sounds made for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. These are very intense, extreme toys so they are suitable only for the most experienced users who want the most intense experience possible.
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  1. But of course you can reach the bladder. For this, however, you need a Van Buren Dilator this dilator is longer and bent so that you can reach the urinary bladder. Hegar Dilators are straight and approximately 19 cm long to reach the prostate. But if you want to do something like this, you need very good hygiene because you can easily get an infection.

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