Sounding with Pratt Sounds: How To

Sounding with Pratt SoundsThere are many different types of urethral toys you can use for pleasure. As you probably know, different sounds may require different use. Some sounds are ideal for shallow in and out movements while others are there for deep prostate massage. If you want to perfect the art of urethral play, it is important to know what to expect from each of the urethral toys you have. Among all urethral sounds, Pratt sounds are often known as a perfect “middle ground” between beginners’ and experts’ toys. Sounding with Pratt sounds is exciting and can help you transition from a newbie to a seasoned urethral play enthusiast.

What Does Sounding with Pratt Sounds Feel Like?

Sounding with Pratt sounds can be a very different experience for different people. Since you can use these toys in many different ways, there are many sensations you can experience with these urethral toys. Also, Pratt sounds are used by both beginners and more experienced users, which means that there are numerous experience levels at play. In short, sounding with Pratt sounds can be whatever you want it to be.

If you want to go into more detail, it is important to know that Pratt sounds can satisfy a large audience. It means that you can get them as a beginner and they will still be able to fully satisfy you once you gain more experience. Also, these sounds are very reliable and intense enough even for more demanding users so they will satisfy your growing appetite.

These amazing sounds are double-ended so you generally get many different sizes in a kit. This is great because you can start small and build your way and endurance. These sounds are ideal if you want to start experimenting with a bit deeper stimulation than beginner’s level but without going way too deep.

A characteristic of Pratt sounds is that they have slimmer and a bit longer body than Hegar sounds, so they come as a natural second step in building your experience with urethral sounds. Another difference is a stronger curve on the top. This will also produce some intense sensations during use.

Use Targeted Stimulation

One of the best things you can do with Pratt sound is a targeted sensation. Sounding with Pratt sounds allows you to experiment in many different ways, including teasing deeper parts of the urethra. This can be the first step toward full-on prostate massage.

The end of a Pratt sound is bent, which allows for pinpoint stimulation. This is ideal for those who want to target specific spots. The tip of a Pratt sound is tapered but never sharp so it will not hurt you during use. However, for the best results and safety, make sure to never use the thinnest toys in the kit if they are too small for your urethra. If a toy can slip in easily chances are that it will be difficult to control.

These ends of a Pratt sound allow you to pinpoint just the spots you want to stimulate. This becomes even more interesting the deeper you go. Yes, you can even reach the prostate with these sounds; they are certainly long enough for this. However, keep in mind that other types of urethral sounds, such as Van Buren sounds, are ideal for prostate massage.

The best way to go with your Pratt sounds is to tease the entrance of the prostate if you wish to go that deep. The tip of the toy will provide targeted stimulation so you can pinpoint just the spot you want to stimulate. This can be great for some gentle teasing or for a stronger massage. It can also be used for prostate milking in those people who have enough experience to perform it.

Just like with any other urethral toy, go slowly and pay attention to any potential warning signs. If you experience sharp pain, bleeding or burning that just doesn’t want to go away, make sure to consult your doctor.

Types of Pratt Sounds

Pratt sounds typically come in kits. Since these are double-ended sounds, you actually get twice as many sizes as there are sounds in the kit. We offer Pratt sounds in two different kits:

  • Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound Kit. This kit contains 8 urethral sounds for your pleasure. The sounds are thin so they can accommodate a beginner’s urethra. However, do not assume that you have to start with the smallest one: it may actually be too thin for you. To stay safe, always use a sound that is of the same diameter as your urethra.
  • Pratt 11 Sound Kit. This sturdy kit contains intense Pratt sounds ideal for users with some experience. These are thicker and more powerful toys so they are the next logical step after mastering the beginners’ kit.

Happy sounding!

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