Sounding a Small Penis: How To

Sounding a Small PenisMany people interested in urethral play wonder if sounding a small penis is different than sounding a bigger one. After all, many of the toys for urethral stimulation are large and long, some reaching more than 12 inches in lengths.

Is this a problem for a small penis? How to use these toys?

Sounding a Small Penis

The good news is that for the most part, sounding a small penis is no different than sounding a bigger one. Urethral stimulation is basically the same regardless of the penis size because the longest part of the urethra is inside the body and is not directly related to the penis size. Men who wish to try urethral stimulation should not worry: while urethral toys may seem intimidating they don’t pose a problem even if your penis is not large.

Some men erroneously believe that their penis is small. There may be many reasons for this, from watching porn to subscribing to harmful ideas about what it means to have a big or even average penis. The truth is that none of this matters much for urethral sounding. Even if your penis is not particularly big chances are that you will be able to enjoy urethral stimulation.

It is all about the length and width of your urethra

In many ways, sounding a small penis is the same as sounding a penis of any size, because it is not about penis length or width. It is all about the length and width of your urethra, which doesn’t vary so much between penis sizes. Remember, the longest part of the urethra is not inside the penis but inside the body so even those with a small penis can use long urethral toys for deep urethral stimulation.

Also, remember that you don’t have to insert all the length of a urethral toy. In order to stay safe, you need to use part of the toy as a handle, so long toys provide a good few inches or even more to hold on to, regardless of your penis size. In other words, you should not be intimidated by long urethral toys because your penis size has little to no effect there. However, if you do choose to try deep urethral stimulation you need to be extra careful and to go slowly so you don’t hurt yourself.

What about Medial Conditions?

The only potential issue might be with a micro penis or other medical conditions that affect the urethra. Even here, though, the problem is not with the size of the penis itself but the urethra. Many people with a micro penis also have problems with the urethra, so this is something that you need to discuss with your doctor. Not all people with a micro penis can do urethral stimulation with regular toys.

On the other hand, not all people with a micro penis will have these issues. Indeed, there are many people with this condition who have a urethra of the regular size and can use typical urethral toys such as penis plugs and sounds. Again, it is not about the size of the penis but the urethra. If it is long and wide enough chances are that you will be able to use urethral toys and enjoy urethral play.

Kink-friendly Doctor

However, each person is individual and it depends on numerous factors. Also, it is not just about the micro penis but some other conditions, too. As long as it affects the urethra it might affect urethral play so you need to be careful here. As usual, the best way to go is to find a kink-friendly doctor and ask them for advice. They can examine you and determine if it’s safe for you to try urethral stimulation and if yes, what kind of urethral play and urethral toys are okay for you.

However, finding a kink-friendly doctor is not always easy. Still, it is important to get examined and at least find out if you have issues with the length and position of your urethra since those can affect urethral stimulation. Again, the size of the penis itself is not so much of an issue: in order to enjoy urethral play you need to have a healthy enough urethra so it is more about urethral health and development and not the penis itself.

Happy sounding!

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  1. It was recommended to find a kink friendly doctor. What is the best way to find one without getting the doctor staff all up in arms? I have Kaiser but I understand that I may have to find a different one for advice on sounding the urethra.

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