Does Sounding Feel Good?

Does Sounding Feel GoodThere are many people who are intrigued by the idea of urethral sounding but who are too scared to try it. In a way, it is understandable. After all, this is not an activity for everybody and there are many people who dislike it. That is okay. The thing is, there are also many people who simply adore urethral stimulation. Does sounding feel good? For many people, yes, it does. If you are interested in urethral play you will need to find out if you are one of those people.

Urethral play may seem counter-intuitive, because you are inserting things into an orifice that seems too small to accept toys. Furthermore, it is an activity that brings certain risks, so you need to learn how to stay safe during urethral play. This may take time and some effort. Chances are that you will need to get used to the feeling of urethral stimulation. Not everyone is ready for this, so this is why many people who are otherwise intrigued about the prospects of urethral play never actually try it.

Why Does Sounding Feel Good?

Why does sounding feel good? There are many different reasons for it. In a way, it is not surprising that it feels good, because it stimulates some of the most sensitive spots in a human body. The male urethra is inside the penis, which makes it incredibly sensitive and easy to arouse. Not to mention that sounding can make you reach prostate for some powerful P-spot massage. Sounding is basically stimulating your penis from the inside, which brings all sorts of pleasurable sensations. You bet it feels good!

For women, the urethra is located so close to the most sensitive spots, such as vagina and clitoris. By stimulating your urethra, you are touching some of the hidden yet very sensual erogenous zones. So yes, it feels good.

Not to mention that the urethra itself is filled with nerve endings and can provide pleasurable sensations just by stimulating its walls. It is a feeling like no other, a deep, orgasmic feeling that you need to experience to believe it. Yes, it feels good and it feels fantastic for those who are into this sort of a play.

Then there are psychological factors. For some people, the mere idea of inserting something into the urethra is very erotic on itself. Many men claim that being penetrated and having a toy inside the penis triggers all sorts of psychological mechanisms that make for a powerful, unforgettable experience.

Also, let’s not forget about the people with a medical fetish. These people like to play doctor and there are no better toys for that than urethral toys! These are modeled after real instruments that doctors use for examinations so they are ideal medical toys for those who like to engage in some steamy medical play.

Does it Feel Good to Me?

A more important question whether sounding feels good or not is whether it feels good to you personally or not. Remember, we are all different and not everybody will love urethral play. Some people will find it too unusual or will dislike the fact that it requires work. Keep in mind that urethral sounding does require some time and effort to get it right, since it is an activity that brings risks. Not everyone is ready to dedicate this time and effort, and that is okay.

Also, there are people who simply do not like the feeling of urethral stimulation. This is okay, too. After all, this is an unusual activity that produces some new feelings that might not be to everyone’s liking. If you are one of the people who discover that they don’t like the feeling of urethral stimulation, no problem. There are many other things you can try to explore sexual pleasure. But if you are interested in urethral stimulation, do give it a chance. You may discover that you like it a lot.

Happy sounding!

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