Something New for old Nipple Piercings

To many people still think that Body Piercing is a fad that just took off recently and will probably go away in time. In fact it is just the opposite Body Piercing has been around a long long time and only getting more popular. Many tribes were pierced to signify different things in years past. The Romans pierced their nipples to show signs of Bravery and also for functionally, as that is what they attached their cloaks to when they were not wearing their breast plate and other armor.

Nipple Piercings are now done on both men and women very commonly and of all ages. The most common starting gauge for this piercing is 14 gauge, but is very commonly either 14, 12, or 10 Gauge to start. Many people do find themselves stretching there piercings to larger Gauges though, just as a matter of preference. The best suited Jewelry for the initial piercing is the Straight Barbell as it will put very little stress on the new piercing. Pieces that are suitable for the nipple piercing though are Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells and of course the Straight Barbells. Once you decide on which of those you want, then you need to decided what metal you want to be pierced with, whether it be 14k Gold, Titanium, or Surgical Steel. We recommend Titanium for the initial piercing because it is totally inert, and also very light.
Here are some links for some really Hot Nipple Jewelry to dress up your old or new nipple piercings.

Over 68 Different 14K Gold Items

Over 35 Different Items in Surgical Steel

Over 35 Different Acrylic and Titanium Items
So don’t be shy let those nipple piercing sparkle and wear them proud, because you are not the only one with them and you are carrying on a tradition that has been around for centuries.

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