Snake Bites

Snake BitesA Snake Bites piercing is a popular yet unique type of lip piercing. Snake Bites actually consists of two different piercings on the sides of a lower lip. It produces a very striking visual look so many people love to have.

Snake Bites

In essence, Snake Bites are two lip piercings that go together. The piercer makes two holes and the procedure is pretty straightforward: the piercer will make one piercing, than the other, because Snake Bites always go in pairs.

Snake Bites are done on the lower lip, one on the each side. The piercer needs to take a good care to align both piercing at an equal distance from the center of the lip. The goal is to produce a unique appearance of the snake fangs. This is why it’s important for the piercings to align perfectly.

As usual, finding an experienced piercer is crucial for your satisfaction. Luckily, Snake Bites are getting more and more popular, so many piercers know how to perform this procedure correctly and to a great client satisfaction.

What you need to pay attention to is the inside of your mouth. Keep in mind that Snake Bites are partially oral piercings, which mean that the hole is inside your mouth and that the jewelry touches your gums and/or teeth. This is why it’s important to pay attention to hygiene and to be very careful so the jewelry won’t damage your gums or teeth.

As with any other piercing, proper aftercare is a must. You should clean your Snake Bites every day with a saline solution. If you care for your piercing properly, the initial healing lasts for about 8 weeks, when is the good time to change the jewelry. The complete healing will take longer, but you should wait at least 6 to 8 weeks before you attempt to change the jewelry.


There are many different jewelry types you can wear for this type of piercing. Usually, the jewelry used is typical lip jewelry: labret studs, rings, etc. Since the jewelry should go on both sides of the lip to achieve the snake fang look, most people choose to wear the same jewelry types in both piercings. This will make piercings appear as a pair.

However, this is not mandatory and some people like to experiment with mismatched jewelry or different jewelry types in each of the hole.

While labret studs are commonly used for this type of piercing, some people prefer to wear a pair of Captive Bead Rings instead. This would give you a very unique look and your Snake Bites will truly resemble the snake fangs. Very stunning and effective! This is why it’s best to go with simple yet elegant jewelry that will draw attention to your Snake Bites.

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