What is the Smallest Gauge Size for Ears?

There are many different sizes of ear piercings and ear jewelry. It is very important to know the size you have because this is the only way to get the jewelry of the right size. What is the smallest gauge size for ears? This is a popular question that many piercing enthusiast want to know, especially those who want to engage in earlobe stretching.

Many Different Ear Piercings

It is important to say here that the smallest gauge size for ears might depend on the type of ear piercing you have. There are many different ear piercings out there, from a regular earlobe piercing to the more elaborate ear cartilage piercings.

As such, there is no one ear piercing type but many different ones. Some of these have different rules when it comes to the typical sizes of the piercings. This is one of the things you need to keep in mind before choosing your jewelry.

The Smallest Gauge Size for Ears

Smallest Gauge Size for EarsBefore we get into the information about the smallest gauge size for ears, keep in mind that not all people understand “gauge” to mean the same thing. Gauge determines the size (the diameter) of your piercing hole. I can be very small or very big, in case of the stretched piercings. However, some people call “gauges” only the large, stretched piercings. This is not correct. The smallest gauge size for ears is the gauge of the smallest needle that piercers use to perform ear piercing. It is not a stretched size but the very small, “starter” size.

As noted above, there are many different piercings so it is not always easy to tell how big a specific starter gauge is. On the other hand, many ear piercings and other new piercings start at the same smallest sizes: 20 gauge and 18 gauge. These are the standard starter gauge sizes for new ear piercings.

In other words, if you have a new ear piercing there is a good chance that it is either 20 gauge or 18 gauge, though there are new piercings that start at 16 gauge. As you can see, it is impossible to tell the smallest gauge size for ears in each case. While 20 gauge and 18 gauge tend to be the smallest it all depends on the situation.

When it comes to stretching, anything bigger than your starter size will be a stretched piercing even if it’s not clearly visible. In order to start developing a visible hole in your ear, you need to go up to about 12 gauge or 10 gauge. People who stretch their piercings typically go for at least 8 gauge or 6 gauge, because this is when the hole is properly visible and you need to use special jewelry for large gauge piercings.

In Conclusion

Typical smallest gauges size for ears is 20 gauge or 18 gauge. However, you should never assume that you have a specific gauge of your ear piercing unless you are absolutely positive. Remember, you need to know your exact ear piercing size so you can pick appropriate jewelry.

Never go by guessing. If you are unsure, visit your local piercing studio to have professionals measure the size of your ear piercing hole. This is the only way to get the appropriate jewelry that is just of the right size you need.

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