What Size is Normal to Pierce Prince Albert?

Prince Albert (PA) piercing is very common and popular among men of many different demographics. The popularity of PA piercing means that there are many available Prince Albert Jewelry to go with this piercing. This is a great advantage and a pretty good news for those with a PA piercing. However, in order to enjoy your jewelry you need to know the size (gauge) of your piercing. So, what size is normal to pierce Prince Albert? Are there specific recommendations?

What Size is Normal to Pierce Prince Albert: Overview

What Size is Normal to Pierce Prince AlbertIf you are wondering what is normal piercing size for Prince Albert, there is a quick answer: typically, Prince Albert (PA) piercing is done with a 10 gauge needle or an 8 gauge needle. Some piercers will go as thin as 12 gauge but this is generally too small for a PA piercing.

In this sense, 10 gauge is a “normal” size for a Prince Albert piercing and most men with PA will typically have this piercing size. It also means that they require 10 gauge PA piercing jewelry. It is therefore not surprising that 10 gauge is the most popular Prince Albert jewelry size.

However, keep in mind that what is typical might not be the right for you. There are certain anatomical variations and individual circumstances that can lead to a different PA size than the typical one. In other words, if you are unsure about your PA size you can’t assume that it is 10 gauge.

This is particularly true because anything between 12 gauge and 8 gauge is possible for a PA piercing. While many piercers recommend that no Prince Albert is done smaller than 10 gauge, in practice you will find many men with a 12 gauge PA piercing. This is often due to the fact that PA piercing can shrink easily. Also, 8 gauge is pretty common and even recommended by many piercers. Needless to say, if your piercing size is 12 gauge or 8 gauge you should not wear 10 gauge PA piercing jewelry.

What if You Have a Non-Standard Size?

Some people worry that having a non-standard size of a piercing is a disadvantage. In reality, the only disadvantage happens if you have a piercing size that is not right for you. The same goes for improper placement or jewelry type. If these are not suitable for you, you may be in trouble.

However, as long as the size of your PA is correct for your anatomy and as long as the piercing is positioned correctly, you should not have any problems. In other words, you don’t have to be pierced with a standard size (10 gauge) in order to enjoy a problem-free PA piercing.

The only potential issue you may worry about is the jewelry. The less standard of a size you have, the less jewelry choices are there. Luckily, this is not so much of a problem with Prince Albert jewelry. This piercing is not only popular enough but also uses some standard jewelry types. In other words, there are no special PA jewelry types – Prince Albert piercing uses regular circular barbells and Captive Bead Rings. These jewelry types are very common and come in many different sizes and gauges. In other words, you should not have a problem finding jewelry for your PA piercing even if you are not pierced with a standard size.

However, keep in mind that you should know what the size you are pierced with (or what size you are currently on if you choose to stretch your Prince Albert piercing). This is important because you should only wear jewelry that is the same size (gauge) as your piercing.

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