Silicone Based Lubricants for Urethral Play: Yes or No?

Are any of the newer silicone based lubricants good to use? 

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Silicone Based Lubricants for Urethral PlayWhen preparing for urethral sounding, choosing a lube is an important decision. As you probably know, it is crucial that your lubricant is reliable and safe for urethral play. Since this is a specific type of sexual activity, it requires a lube that meets all the safety requirements. You simply cannot risk it with a random lube for urethral play. In the recent years, silicone lubricants have gained significant prominence. Are silicone based lubricants for urethral play a good idea or not?

The Main Characteristics of Silicone Lubricants

It is important to understand your lubricant even before you use it. You need to know what it can and cannot do for you. You should also know what kind of toys go with a specific lubricant type. If it is not safe for you to use a specific lubricant with a toy, you should not use it: find another one that is more appropriate for the toy you wish to use.

Silicone lubricants are famous for their silky-smooth feel. They can last for long periods of time and you get a lot with just a bit of the lube. A great thing about these lubricants is that you can use them in the water – it is not easy to wash them away.

The biggest drawback is that silicone lubricants can ruin silicone toys. This is something all people who use adult toys need to know. They are generally fine with metal toys and can provide amazing smoothness that will help large toys feel more comfortable.

Silicone Based Lubricants for Urethral Play: Things to Consider

Knowing all of this, is it a good idea to use silicone based lubricants for urethral play? Well, first of all, it is clear that you should not use any silicone lubricant with silicone urethral sounds and penis plugs. The lube can ruin your urethral toys and make them unsafe for further use.

Luckily, most urethral toys are not made of silicone but of metal. Silicone lubricants can work great with metal toys, but is it okay to use them for urethral play?

The biggest issue here is sterility. In order for a lubricant to be safe for urethral stimulation, it has to be sterile. This is the only way to minimize the risk of UTI and other problems. This is why most people use surgical lubricants such as SurgiLube for their urethral toy needs.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a surgical lubricant that doctors use and a personal lubricant ideal for typical sexy times. If you engage in vaginal or anal sex, you don’t typically need to use a sterile lubricant. However, it is a different situation with urethral play.

Most silicone lubricants are not sterile in the sense that surgical lubricants are. This is a huge minus when it comes to safety and something you should keep in mind.

On the other hand, if you are willing to take that risk, you may try experimenting with a silicone lube. If you truly love those lubricant types, nothing can prevent you from trying. Just make sure to perform other safety precautions, such as urinating after a sounding session. Keep in mind that silicone lube can stay in your urethra for long since it is not easy to wash it off. In short, it may be possible to use silicone based lubricants for urethral play but it not really recommended, unless you can find a truly sterile one.

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