Is a Side Bottom Lip Piercing Better Than a Labret Piercing?

Is a Side Bottom Lip Piercing Better Than a Labret PiercingThere are many different lip piercings you can get. Some are more common than the others and you can see them everywhere. On the other hand, certain lip piercings are relatively rare and there are not many people who have them. Your choice of a lip piercing will depend on many factors, such as you anatomy and your preferences. Sometimes, a lot depends on the piercing’s popularity. For example, there are many people who wonder is a side bottom lip piercing better than a labret piercing. There is no easy answer to that question, but there are some guidelines you should take into account.

Various Types of Bottom Lip Piercings

There are many different types of bottom lip piercings that you can get. In some ways, these are all a variation of the basic bottom lip piercing, called labret. Labret is a lip piercing done centrally on the bottom lip. In many ways, all of the other lip piercings are variations of this one, though many of them have their own names.

Instead of a central placement, you may opt to have your bottom lip piercing to the side, either right or left, or both. These are a common variation of the popular labret piercing. If you choose to get two piercings, one on the each side of the bottom lip, remember that it is known as “Snake bites”, a special type of the so-called “bites” piercings.

It is important to know that all of these piercings generally use the same jewelry. The most common lip piercing jewelry is a labret stud, though many people also choose to use rings, such as Captive Bead Rings.

When choosing the best placement for your bottom lip piercing, consult your piercer. You need to be careful not to hurt your teeth or gum with your piercing or lip piercing jewelry. This is why placement is so important and why not all placements are equally good. This is okay. What is important is to find the best placement for yourself. In other words, it’s not really easy to say if one placement is better than the other.

Is a Side Bottom Lip Piercing Better Than a Labret Piercing: The Answer

Is a side bottom lip piercing better than a labret piercing? A short and easy answer to this question is: it depends. For some people, labret is a better solution while others will do better with a side bottom lip piercing.

Generally speaking, there is no much difference between these two piercings so a lot will depend on your personal preferences. Labret (a bottom lip piercing in the center) is definitely a more common and more popular option. As such, there are many piercers who have plenty of experience with this placement and who can perform a labret piercing without a problem. This is also a very common option so it seems very socially acceptable. These things speak in favor of a labret piercing.

On the other hand, you may wish to have a more unusual and original piercing. In this situation, getting a bottom lip piercing on the side – be it left, right or both – is a better option. The good news is that these piercings are very similar to the labret piercing, except that the placement is slightly different. It means that there is a good chance for you to find a piercer who can perform this piercings without a problem. However, as a rarer placement it might sit differently and it might not be so socially acceptable as a common labret piercing.

These are some things you need to think about. It is also useful to talk to your piercer about the best placement for your lip piercing. Your piercer will tell you if there are any anatomical obstacles for you to get a certain placement, or if one placement is better than the others. If all of the placements work equally, it will depend on your personal preferences which lip piercing you want to get.

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