Should we continue this blog?

Hi All,

We are considering no longer bothering with blog since it seems that most of you do not care. We hope that you will tell us that we are wrong, but we have only gotten a couple comments from all of you in the 2-1/2 years that we have been posting. Tell us simply to keep it or ditch it.

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10 thoughts on “Should we continue this blog?

  1. I enjoy the blog but if you moved it to something like Facebook, I think you would be just as successful
    The only time I read this is when an update is sent to my email

  2. YES you should continue this blog, but frankly until you mentioned about ceasing it, I did not know it existed. I think most people are proud of their piercings and jewelry and would enjoy hearing experiences of others before venturing further into the wonderful need to be is like tattoos.
    I personally have received wonderful advice personally from you Sara..thank you. But in so far as the answer to your questions …they are too difficult for me or are just in an area of the world that I don’t have interest in.
    The jewelry is fastinating and I often visit the site just to see what new items you have.
    So keep the blog, and once I learn now to “Blog” I will add my $.02 too.

  3. Keep it! Although I do not comment on the blogs, I do find the blogs interesting and informative. I will, in the future, make comments and I encourge others to do the same.

  4. I read all of the blogs, I just don’t ever comment because I had forgotten my password. I reset it though. I think you should continue the blog.

  5. Thanks everyone, and just so that you know JP we do have a Facebook, and Myspace as well as a few others so stop by and see us.

  6. I totally enjoy the blog. My only problem is finding the time 2 read them, so therefore, I do not have time to respond to it. I do hope you continue to publish the blog, as I find it very informative.


  7. I always read-and enjoy the information in–your blog. As I have viewed it as a resource tool, I haven’t even considered the fact that you would find my feedback interesting or helpful! I do appreciate the information and would love for you to continue the blog.

  8. Woot! Commentary made easy.
    I’ve got your blog in my RSS now. 🙂

    Topic on my mind: Methods of stretching from a 2 to a 0 without the rather shocking pain.

  9. I have never tried to participate in a blog.

    My Mrs has stretched her inner labial piercings from 12 to 4, but seems to be stuck there now. Primarily she just has a hard time wearing even the 3/8″ screw ball rings to work, and has never found a stud, etc. that are comfortable either. So, she only wears her rings some on the weekend now and they generally make her sore.

    Oh well…the prices we pay to eat.

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