Should Urethral Toys be Sterilized Before Use?

~ David Mckay

YES I have used a insert and I love it as I had a catheter in my willy for three days and when They toot it out OMG what a lovely feeling So I came home and tryed it yes it is nice feeling But I didn’t sterilize my insert and I picked up a bug And on the 26th of December I couldn’t pee So I went to my Dr on the 28th and he gave me a course of Antibiotic and I have had urine test They did find a bacteria but couldn’t grow it so the Dr fingered me for Prostrate and that was enlarged So have been on Antibiotic for One month now but its coming right slowly I are bit scared to use one again

Now my Point is You should advertise that one must put Disinfectant on insert or other things before you insert anything in to you penis

Before I go Do you think that the bug came from that steel tent peg that i used it was the size of a 3 inch nail Cheer’s Dave

Urethral toys are fun and can bring a lot of pleasure. However, this type of play also brings certain risks that people need to know about. Urinary tract infections and other problems are common issue with urethral stimulation. This is why we always emphasize the need to properly clean and sterilize your urethral toys. While most urinary tract infections can be cured, it is important to do everything you can to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Should Urethral Toys be Sterilized before Use: Short Answer

penis plugsA short answer to this question is “yes”. Make that a hundred times yes. Should urethral toys be sterilized and disinfected before use? Yes, absolutely. This is the only way to stay safe while using urethral toys and practicing urethral stimulation.

While it’s understandable that people might get lost in the moment of passion, urethral play is not something you can do on a whim. Since you need to use special toys for urethral stimulation, it is always absolutely needed to think ahead and sterilize your toys.

This is the only way to prevent urinary tract infections and other problems. The user’s bad experience with unsterilized toys speaks volumes about the danger of using non-sanitized toys for urethral sounding.

Do not make this mistake again: before each use, make sure to properly clean and sanitize all of the urethral toys you wish to use. Also, it is important to remember to clean your toys after play, too. Never store dirty urethral toys with lube and bodily fluids on them.

The Importance of Cleaning

Proper cleaning is important for all sex toys. This is the only way to preserve safety and enjoyment of adult toys. Keep in mind that these toys are intimate and come in a direct contact with some of the most sensitive body parts. Many of these toys even go inside of the body. For all these reasons, it is crucial to keep them as sanitized as possible.

This is particularly important in the case of urethral toys and penis inserts. Any toy you insert into the urethra can spread bacteria and other harmful substances all through your urinary tract. It doesn’t matter how deep you insert the toy (though the deeper you go the riskier it gets): the bacteria can spread all the way to your bladder without much problem. This is why urinary tract infections are a huge risk for all people doing urethral sounding. If you use non-sanitized, dirty toys then the risk is even bigger and infections become inevitable.

These infections can spread quickly and cause a lot of problems. It is definitely not something you want to experience. Not to mention that dirty toys can cause other problems, particularly if you injure yourself during sounding.

To prevent these issues and minimize the risks of infections, it is always important to properly clean and sanitize your urethral toys. Make sure to do it before each session. When touching your toys, make sure to do it with clean hands. Using medical gloves is even better because you know that they are sterile.

Also, it is important to use lube that is sterile. This is something many people forget, but it is equally important. SurgiLube is a lubricant that doctors use for examinations so it’s safe for urethral play.

We always emphasize the importance of sterilization and using clean toys. It is something we feel strongly about and the only way to use urethral toys properly. The importance of cleaning and disinfection cannot be overstated. It is important for people using urethral toys to be informed and to be responsible during urethral stimulation. This is the only way to fully enjoy your urethral toys and to stay safe during urethral play.


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  1. It would be VERY helpful if you would publish some guidelines on how to sterilize i.e. Boil in distilled water, pre-clean toys with ???

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