Sex Toys that are Put Inside the Urethra

Urethral ToysUrethra is a very sensitive spot. There are many men and women who enjoy to stimulate their urethra. It is therefore not surprising that urethral play is so popular among many people. While this type of sexual stimulation is not really something general population knows about, there are many of those who truly enjoy the feeling of a toy inside the urethra.

If you wish to try urethral stimulation the first thing you need to know if what kind of toys to use. The good news is that there are special sex toys that go inside the urethra for the purpose of sexual stimulation. If you are intrigued by this type of stimulation the good news is that there are many toys you can use.

Sex Toys that are Put Inside the Urethra: Facts

Many beginners to urethral stimulation worry about the type of devices they can use to stimulate the urethra. Since urethral play is not a common activity outside kink communities, some people wrongly assume that there are no toys for urethral stimulation.

This wrong assumption can lead to many bad and dangerous things, because these people will try to use household items and random objects to insert inside the urethra. Some people try to use lubed fingers, but they tend to be too thick for a beginner’s unstretched urethra. Other possible objects are even worse.

All of these are not good to be inserted into the urethra. This goes for both men and women. If you are into urethral stimulation you need to use proper urethral toys. Urethral toys are special sex toys that are put inside the urethra. They are made for this purpose. It means that they are carefully designed and crafted to ensure safe and comfortable urethral stimulation.

If you are a newbie to urethral play it may surprise you to know how many urethral toys are there. Fear not: there is a toy for every person and each individual taste. Also, chances are that you will find a good urethral toy to fit your anatomy. This goes for both men and women. While most urethral toys are primarily for the penis there are many of them that women can use to try urethral stimulation.

Urethral toys are safe and durable. A well-crafted, high-quality urethral toy is fun to use and it will provide maximum pleasure and comfort. The best of all, these toys are affordable so you don’t have to spend a lot on a nice, quality urethral toy for yourself.

The Main Types of Urethral Toys

The main types of urethral toys are urethral sounds and penis plugs. Urethral sounds are typically longer and resemble real instruments doctors use to perform urethral examination. Penis plugs come in many different shapes, sizes and textures so there are even tiny ones ideal for beginners.

In addition to urethral sounds and penis plugs there are also penis stretchers and trainers you can use to stretch your urethra gradually and without pain. There are also additional urethral toys you can use to enhance sexual pleasure in numerous ways. This type of sex toys is very diverse so you will sure find some to suit your needs.

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