Septum Piercing: Safe or Problematic?

English: Earplug and nose piercing.Septum piercing is often considered a more serious type of nose piercing, and for a reason. Simply put, nostril piercings are easier to perform and they heal more quickly. There are less mistakes and less problems during the healing process. For this reason, septum piercings are sometimes considered problematic.

However, it should not have to be like this. After all, the most common types of nose piercings are nostril and septum piercings. In order to avoid problems sometimes associate with septum piercings, it’s important to find a piercer who is experienced with this type of piercing.

The Procedure

What is important to know is that septum piercing, in general, doesn’t include piercing of the actual cartilage. What it pierced during the procedure is the thin strip of flexible skin located between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose. It is possible to perform cartilage piercing, but it’s done on special requests and by piercers who are trained to perform this type of piercing. This type of septum piercing is much less common so chances are that if you wish to get a simple septum piercing you won’t pierce the cartilage.

Piercing the thin strip of skin instead of cartilage is more practical because it heals faster, it hurts less and it’s not so prone to infections and other problems piercing cartilage can bring.

Septum piercings are done quickly and relatively easily with a piercing needle. While this is not a complicated procedure, your piercer needs to be experienced because it’s important not to miss the very thin strip of skin to pierce. The most common jewelry types for septum piercing are circular barbells and captive bead rings, as well as plugs, tusks and septum retainers.

The Risks

Most risks associated with septum piercing are the same as problems associated with other types of piercings. Infections, rejection and scar tissue are some of the most common risks. This is why it’s important to get pierced by a reputable piercer who is experienced with this type of piercing.

Pain is another concern for many people. Luckily, most septum piercings don’t go through cartilage so only the thin strap of skin is pierced, which hurts less. In fact, many people claim the procedure hurt less than what they feared. Actually, the most problematic part, at least when it comes to pain, is not the procedure itself but the aftermath. Sometimes, new septum piercings burn and itch several hours after the procedure. However, this pain and discomfort should go in the following days.

Piercing the cartilage can lead to septal hematoma. It occurs when the cartilage is not pierced properly, so the injury to the soft tissue occurs. This may damage the blood vessels and cause the accumulation of blood and fluid. Nasal septum hematoma will manifest itself through pain and inflammation. It should be treated immediately or else a hole in the septum may form, resulting of the collapse of that part of the nose (“saddle nose”). This is why cartilage piercing has to be done by an expert for this type of piercing.

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3 thoughts on “Septum Piercing: Safe or Problematic?

  1. Why do you say that nostril piercings heal faster?! It’s cartilage – takes up to 1 year to heal, as opposed to 2 months on septum – pretty standard info, I thought

  2. Hello Kat,

    This is just one of those piercings that are highly subjective when it comes to healing time. In general, nostril piercings ARE considered less complex and, if performed right, often give people less trouble. That being said, you are absolutely right, that is a cartilage piercing and can actually take longer to heal. This should have been made clearer in the text. Thank you.

  3. Can you get saddle nose from strictly piercing the flap of skin and not the cartilage? or is saddle nose caused only by piercing the cartilage?

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