Self-Piercing: Safe or Not?

Self-PiercingSelf-piercing is a form of DIY body modification. It basically means to perform a piercing on yourself, all by yourself. Most of the time, self-piercing refers to the practice of non-professional people performing piercings on themselves. Teenagers are often the ones who are most interested about this practice.

Needless to say, while it is technically possible to do a self-piercing, it is a very dangerous thing and not something experts recommend. Those who are not professionals don’t have the skills or the tools needed to perform piercing in a safe and proper way. While it is not possible to prevent anyone from attempting to do a self-piercing there are many reasons why this is not something that should be encouraged.

 Is Self-Piercing Safe?

There are always some people who claim that they know how to do a self-piercing without a problem or even have a healthy piercing to prove their claim. While it is possible to perform a self-piercing without a problem it still doesn’t mean that this is a safe practice. On the contrary: self-piercing is dangerous and full of potential risks. If you even think about doing a self-piercing you need to understand that this is generally a dangerous thing that no piercing professional will recommend.

Keep in mind that even the simplest piercings, such as earlobe piercings, are actually more serious than they may look. Sure, they are not complex or problematic for a piercing professional but they still require a lot of skill to do right. Not to mention that they require proper piercing equipment and sterilization procedure, which is something that you cannot acquire out of a nowhere.

Leave This to Professionals

Remember: piercings are a serious thing and you need to leave them to professionals. There are many piercing studios today so chances are that you will be able to find one near your home with affordable prices and nice jewelry. Even if you need to travel to get a piercing it is a better deal than trying to pierce yourself. This is definitely something that you should not do at home.

It is important to understand all the risks and potential serious consequences of self-piercing. This is the only way to make a safe decision about your body. While it is possible to prevent anyone from attempting a self-piercing it is important to understand that there are so many risks and pitfalls. It is just not worth the trouble.

Can You Pierce Your Friends?

People who wonder about self-piercing often want to know if it’s okay to pierce their friends. After all, if you manage to pierce yourself without causing much trouble, this must be a sign that you are ready to pierce others, right?

Wrong. Piercing others when you are not a professional is even more dangerous than doing a self-piercing. With a self-piercing, the only person you are responsible for are yourself. If you hurt yourself or if you cause further problems you are the only one to blame and you will need to face health consequences. However, there are generally no laws against performing these things on yourself. If you want to endanger your health and do something stupid, there are no laws to prevent you.

Potential Legal Consequences

It is generally much different when it comes to causing harm to others. If you pierce your friends or other people and it causes injuries and other problems, you will need to face consequences. This can lead to serious criminal charges in the case of serious consequences such as disability or death. These consequences are not so common but they do happen. It is common in the case of botched piercings or improper handling of piercing equipment. If you cause harm to the others you will need to face legal consequences.

This is why piercing your friends and other people is even worse of an idea than self-piercing. While self-piercing is generally stupid and something you should not do, piercing others is definitely something you need to avoid at all costs. It doesn’t matter if your friend says it’s okay. Be responsible and protect both your friend and yourself by refusing to do it. Refer your friend to a proper piercing studio itself. This is the only way to prevent serious medical and legal consequences. Think twice before you even attempt to do any piercing on another person.

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