Scared of Piercing Needles? Don’t Be!

Piercing NeedlePiercing needles are essential assets of any piercing studio. All reliable piercers will use them and they will refuse to perform piercings with any other instrument. The only exception are specific types of piercings not done with piercing needles, such as transscrotal procedures.

In all other situations, using piercing needless is mandatory. This is the only way to perform piercing properly and with least damage to surrounding tissue. Piercing needles are sterile, safe and they bring the least pain to the client.

What if You’re Scared of Piercing Needles?

Many people are scared of needles. In a way it’s understandable: not many people enjoy to be poked with a needle. One might think that piercing enthusiasts are different, and while there are some people who truly enjoy the piercing process itself, there are many people who get piercings because they like the aesthetics of it or piercings’ functionality (very important for certain types of genital piercings). They don’t necessarily like needles. But are needles scary?

Needles may look scary but they are actually specially designed to minimize pain and damage to the tissue. A piercing needle is the least traumatic way to get pierced, not to mention it’s a much safer method than any other.

Piercing needles are specially designed to pierce the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. It means that the piercing hole is clean, sharp and can heal easily. With a piercing needle, a piercer can judge the direction or even a shape of the hole, so piercing placement is very precise and you get exactly the piercing you asked for. Piercing needles give piercers freedom to perform just the type of a piercing you request. There is no guessing or relying on chance.

Furthermore, while piercing needles may seem scary and painful, they are actually very successful at minimizing the pain. It goes both for the pain of procedure and pain after procedure. Since they are very sharp, they pierce the tissue quickly and neatly. It means less pain and no damage to the surrounding tissue. Less damage means less pain. In other words, you should not be scared of piercing needles.

In fact, piercing needles are the only good way to get a piercing so you should get away from any studio that does not use them. Piercing needles should always be used because they are the only way to ensure a good piercing job.

Children and Piercing Needles

What about children? This is a somewhat controversial topic many people argue about. Some feel that piercing children is never ok. A child can’t give consent and doesn’t understand what piercing even means. Not to mention it is more difficult to perform adequate aftercare on a child. Other people see earlobe piercing harmless and suitable for children.

Without going into this debate, it’s important to understand that laws and regulations have to be followed. Many piercers agree to pierce minors, provided the parent is there to give consent. Which brings us to another problem: what if a child is scared of a needle? Should piercing needles be used on children?

The main argument in this debate is: if we don’t use piercing needles, then what will we use? The only available answer is, sadly, piercing gun. However, piercing guns are very harmful and can bring numerous problems, such as infections and piercing rejection. This problem is often emphasized by the child’s inability to perform adequate aftercare. In short, even if they seem like a quick and useful solution, piercing guns are not recommended to be used on children.

So, how to go about performing a piercing on a child who is scared of needles or is small enough to hold still during a procedure? There is no definite answer to this problem. Probably the best and easiest solution is to simply refuse to pierce minors who are not old enough to hold still during a procedure or who can’t be pierced with a needle for whatever reason. Not all piercers will follow this advice but it’s important to understand that piercing needles are the only correct way to perform a piercing. If they cannot be used, for whatever reason, then it’s usually better not to perform piercing at all.

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