Saliva as Lube for Urethral Play: Good or Bad?

Saliva as Lube for Urethral PlayGood lube is essential for urethral stimulation. It will make the experience smoother and more comfortable. Not to mention that lube is essential for keeping your safe during your urethral play.

Keep in mind that urethra is very sensitive so it’s important to keep it protected. Inserting toys into the urethra can irritate or even damage the tissue, so lube is essential for keeping things super smooth and gentle for your body.

There are many different types of lubricants you can use. Some people wonder about a free lube variant that is often used for sexual activity: saliva. Can saliva be used as a lube for urethral play?

Don’t Use Saliva as Lube

In short: no. You should NOT use saliva as lube for urethral play. This may seem like a cheap, quick idea but it can cause more harm than good. Avoid saliva at all costs if you wish to have safe and enjoyable urethral play experience.

While saliva may work as a lube substitute for certain activities (such as masturbation) it is not recommended for more complex activities such as urethral stimulation. In fact, saliva should be avoided completely during urethral play because it can cause numerous problems.

The thing with saliva is that it dries pretty quickly. Since urethral stimulation requires careful and often deep insertion, saliva will dry up quickly, leaving you with nothing to help you. Also, no person can produce enough saliva to provide lubrication for a urethral toy. Urethral toys need to be lubed completely and with generous amount of lube. This is simply impossible to achieve with saliva.

Since there is not enough saliva to make for proper lubrication and since it dries up quickly, it means that it cannot provide adequate lubrication for urethral stimulation. It will dry up very quickly and cause friction. This is very dangerous since it will lead to burning, irritation and other problems. You can damage your sensitive urethral tissue this way. Using saliva is dangerous and can lead to numerous health problems.

Another issue with saliva as a lubricant for urethral play is that it can cause urinary tract infections. Saliva can transfer bacteria and dirt all the way down your urethra, causing additional health issues.

Simply put, using saliva as lube for urethral play is dangerous. Don’t do that.

What Kind of Lube to Use

Urethral stimulation requires high-quality, sterile lube. Not even a typical lubricant will do here, let alone saliva. If you want to stay safe and prevent urinary tract infections, make sure to use only sterile lube.

Sterile lube is a must because it will minimize the risk of infections and other problems. After all, this is what doctors use during urethral examinations to ensure safety. Sterile lube will ensure smooth, comfortable and safe experience, so its highly recommended.

SurgiLube is a great lube to use for urethral play. It is sterile and stays long enough to provide for an uninterrupted experience. SurgiLube can be applied generously to provide for the best and most comfortable urethral play.

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