Reverse PA Versus Standard PA

Reverse PA Versus Standard PAThere are many different male genital piercings you can choose. The most popular option is a Prince Albert piercing (PA piercing), which is also the most popular genital piercing in the world. However, it has a very exciting variant: a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA) piercing. Both are amazing but not equally popular. If you are deciding between the two, it is important to know all the characteristics of these piercings. Reverse PA versus Standard PA: what’s the big deal?

Reverse PA Versus Standard PA: The Facts

Here are some of the most important facts you need to remember about Reverse PA versus Standard PA. Both are penis piercings that go through the penis head, partially through the urethra. The main difference is the direction: Standard PA goes through the lower portion of the penis head: it enters the urethra, so the jewelry sits at the pee hole, and it exists on the underside of the penis.

Reverse PA is the opposite: it goes through the upper portion of the penis head. It starts on the top of the penis head and it goes down to the urethra to exit at a pee hole. This produces a very striking visual effect but it is more painful than regular PA.

One reason why regular PA is so easy to do is because most of it uses a natural canal in the body: urethra. Basically, all the piercer needs to pierce is a small exit hole on the underside of the penis. This is why Standard PA is so popular, and this is why it is many people’s first genital piercing.

Reverse PA has to go through more tissue. It goes through the half of the penis head, creating a hole on the top. Only its lower portion goes through the urethra. This produces a very striking effect and can be extremely sexually satisfying.

Reverse PA Versus Standard PA: How to Choose

Now that you know that facts of Reverse PA versus Standard PA, it is important to know how to choose the best one for your needs.

If you are a beginner at genital piercings, regular PA is probably the best choice. It is one of the least painful penis piercings and it is not particularly complex at all. It is easy to find jewelry for it and it might be a good introduction to male genital piercings. You can use it to see if these piercings are the right choice for you. Not to mention that it can enhance sexual pleasure, so it is not just for the aesthetics.

If you are looking for something more striking, and if you have some experience with genital piercings, Reverse PA may be the good choice for you. It is more painful than regular PA, but it produces a very striking effect. Not to mention that you can use if to enhance pleasure even more. This is a great piercing for those who don’t want the same penis piercing as everybody else.

Finally, you may not need to decide at all! There is a powerful piercing that combines Reverse PA and regular PA into one: Apadravya. This piercing goes vertically through the glans of the penis, from top to bottom. It is a very intense and powerful piercing that can bring a lot of pleasure to the wearer and his partners. Yes, it is more extreme than either standard PA or Reverse PA, but if you are into functional piercings that can enhance sexual pleasure, Apadravya may be a good choice for you.

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