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Ureter Toy GelOne of the most important things for urethral stimulation is a proper lubrication. Keep in mind that urethral play brings certain risks so in order to enjoy the experience you need to do everything you can to prevent those risks. Not to mention that urethral play can get really rough and uncomfortable if it’s not properly smooth. This is why it’s so important to use proper  sex lube for urethral stimulation. A nice ureter toy gel will do the trick.

Why Use Ureter Toy Gel?

You may think that ureter toy gel is not essential for an enjoyable experience, but think twice. There are many people who practice urethral play on a regular basis so there are many urethral toys you can use for fun. While most sexual activities are better with a bit of lube, it becomes crucial for urethral play.

Why? The thing is, urethra cannot produce its own lubrication, especially not in the amount you need for urethral play. While it is true that the penis itself produces a bit of natural lubrication it is not enough for those who wish to use sounds and other urethral toys. Even women who practice urethral play can’t rely on vaginal lubrication because it doesn’t reach the urethra.

This is why it is so important to use a special ureter toy gel. Since there is no proper lubrication in the urethra itself, the experience can become really rough and painful if you don’t use anything. Even worse, the harsh friction may cause injuries and damage to the urethra, which can lead to numerous further problems. This is not something you want to play with. It can be very dangerous to try urethral play without any sort of lubrication.

Will an Ordinary Lube Do?

Now that you know that you must use some sort of a lubricant for urethral play, you may wonder what kind of a product to use. You probably already have some type of a sex lube that you use for your other experiences. However, chances are that any ordinary lube just won’t do.

You need a proper ureter toy gel because not all lubricant are good to use with penis plugs and other urethral toys. Keep in mind that urethra is highly sensitive and you can cause infections if you use any product that is not fully sterile.

Remember that you need to sterilize your urethral toys before you use them. This is to prevent any potential urinary tract infections. Do not ruin this hard work by using any lube you might have in your home. In order to stay safe and avid infections, the lube you use needs to be sterile, too.

This is why using a proper ureter toy gel is the best way to go. Surgilube lubricating jelly is a lube that doctors use for urethral examinations. It is safe, sterile and works great with all sorts of urethral toys. By using such a lube you are making your urethral play safe and more fun since it makes the experience perfectly smooth and exciting.

Happy sounding!

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