How to Recognize a Good Urethral Toy?

Urethral stimulation is an exciting thing you can do. This is a very pleasurable form of stimulation that many people enjoy to the fullest. However, this is also a form of sexual play that carries a certain risk. Injuries, tears, damage to the urethra, pain, urinary tract infections and other issues are just part of the potential problems you can encounter. To prevent these problems from happening it is important to always use only good urethral toys. These toys are safe for the body and will minimize the risk of injuries and other problems. However, this opens another issue: how to recognize a good urethral toy?

What is a Good Urethral Toy?

Good Urethral ToysIn order to be able to recognize a good urethral toy, it is important to know what a good urethral toy is. Even more importantly, you need to know how to recognize bad urethral toys so you can stay away from them. Usually, it is easy to recognize something that is truly bad. For example, random items and household objects that are not sex toys at all: these are potentially very dangerous items you should never use as urethral toys. Also, general sex toys that are not specifically for urethral play are also not a good choice.

What about a good urethral toy? First of all, such a toy has to be made of high-quality materials. These materials are safe for your body and will not harm them. Metal toys, especially Surgical Steel urethral toys, are good to use. These are not only made of a safe material but are also very smooth. Another advantage to high-quality metal toys is that you can fully sterilize them, which is something you need to do before and after each use.

At the same time, you may also use some high-quality softer toys, such as silicone penis plugs and urethral sounds. If the silicone is of a high quality you can clean it properly and it is safe to use. However, remember that these toys are not as smooth as the metal ones. On the other hand, silicone urethral toys are more flexible, which might be good for the beginner users.

Another thing to note before you choose a good urethral toy is the design. A urethral toy has to suit the body. It means that it has to fit the urethra smoothly and comfortably. A safe toy should also have a good grip, a ring or another thing to prevent it from going too deep. You need to be able to hold it and control it without much problems. Good urethral toys satisfy all of these requirements.

Recognize a Good Urethral Toy: Tips

Here are some additional tips on how to recognize a good urethral toy:

  • A good urethral toy is of high-quality and design. This is why it’s important to buy them from reliable sellers.
  • Keep in mind that what makes a good urethral toy for someone else might not be good for you. To recognize a good urethral toy means to understand what kind of a toy suits you best.
  • A good urethral toy might not be the most expensive one. While it is important to stay away from super-cheap, poorly designed toys made of bad materials, remember that your urethral toy doesn’t have to be super-expensive. There are actually many excellent urethral toys that are also affordable. The point is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a safe, enjoyable urethral toy for urethral stimulation.
  • If a toy you choose doesn’t “feel” right, it might be for the best to leave it and try another one. There are many reasons why a urethral toy might not suit you. It is vital to keep yourself safe during urethral play so you need to use only toys that feel good and are comfortable.
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