Reasons for Deep Urethral Sounding

Urethral SoundingThe way you perform urethral stimulation is down to your individual preferences, anatomy, experience level and some other factors. It is therefore not surprising that there are many different ways to perform urethral sounding. Some people prefer shallow or in and out urethral play. Others prefer deep urethral stimulation.

If you are satisfied with beginners’ stimulation that is somewhat shallow, this is okay. However, you may be intrigued by deep urethral sounding but unsure if this is something you should try. Here is a handy guide to reasons for deep urethral sounding that will help you decide.

The Main Reasons for Deep Urethral Sounding

There are many reasons why people may wish to try deep urethral sounding.

Here are the main ones:

  • New sensations. Deep urethral stimulation brings new feelings and sensations. You can simply not achieve these feelings through regular (shallow) urethral play. If you want to experience something new then deep urethral sounding may be a great thing for you.
  • Enhanced experience. Deep urethral stimulation takes urethral sounding to a new level. It enhances the whole experience and makes everything feel bigger and “more” in every sense. If this is something that appeals to you, try deep urethral stimulation to see how it feels.
  • More intensity. Deep urethral sounding is simply more intense than shallow urethral play. Once the toy is inserted deeper down than the base of the penis the feeling becomes very powerful and extra strong. This is why deep urethral sounding is an ideal activity for those who want their urethral play to be powerful and very intense. If you appreciate intensity, then this is a good activity to try.
  • Prostate stimulation. This might actually be the number one reason for deep urethral sounding. If you insert your urethral toy deep inside, past the base of the penis, you may reach your prostate. In fact, this is the only way to directly massage your prostate. Many men enjoy prostate stimulation and even prostate milking, so deep urethral stimulation is a great way to experience this. If you wish to try prostate stimulation but are not satisfied with what you can get using prostate stimulation through the anus, deep urethral sounding may be a great thing for you.

Be Careful: Stay Safe During Deep Urethral Sounding

As you can see, deep urethral stimulation offers numerous benefits so it is not surprising that there are many reasons for deep urethral sounding. On the other hand, this is definitely an activity reserved only for the more advanced users. You need to be very experienced with urethral stimulation and regular forms of sounding before you attempt this one.

Make no mistake about this: deep urethral sounding brings its problems and have a higher risk of injuries and other problems. This is particularly true for those who wish to try prostate or bladder massage. For this reason, it is vital to go slowly and be very careful, especially until you are fully experienced with deep urethral stimulation.

Also, keep in mind that this is not an activity for everyone. You may discover that you don’t like deep urethral sounding at all. This is ok. As said in the beginning, we are all individuals with our preferences and desires and deep urethral sounding just might not be the right sexual activity for you.  If this is the case make sure not to force it or make yourself do it if you are not enjoying any aspect of it.

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Craig Rutledge is a staff writer for TheChainGang. His main interests include sex toys for men, particularly urethral sounds and ball stretchers. He is also a proud owner of numerous body piercings. He says: “I am happy to contribute with my experience and knowledge about various penis toys and stretching devices. There is still so much unknown about things like urethral sounding, ball stretching or male chastity and it needs to change. I will share my experience and advice in order to help men, young and old, to discover these toys and have the best fun”. In addition to writing, Craig also answers questions and provides handy advice for people learning more about extreme sex toys for men.

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  1. A Hegar Dilator is 19 cm long, at 17 cm the prostate gland starts. The 19 cm I can easily introduce. The kink to the bladder only begins then. For safety you can hold the penis downwards, then the dilator goes completely pure. I do this with an 12 mm diameter. But you need exercise, 5 mm is certainly no problem. Above all, you should sterilize the rod with alcohol or similar and use xylocaine Gel 2% as lubricant. If you are through the 2nd throat (prostate entrance) you will notice clearly the pleasant feeling. The third constriction is the bladder muscle which has to be handled very carefully. To prevent damage because otherwise urinary incontinence is announced. Also, the risk of infection after the bladder-closing muscle is very high. For when the bladder is infected, no sterile urine has been flushed to the urethra.

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