Rare Lip Piercings

Horizontal Lip PiercingDo you like lip piercings but are looking for something more original than the usual labret, Madonna, Monroe or Medusa piercings? Try one of the rare lip piercings! One word of advice, though: there is always a reason why a piercing is rare. It might be uncomfortable, difficult to maintain or just not worth the trouble.

On the other hand, even the rare piercing types have its fans and people who are more than satisfied with them. There is also a big advantage of standing out from the crowd and being original.

Here are some of the most sunning rare lip piercings:

Horizontal Lip Piercing

This is a very rare lip piercing type and is reserved only for the adventurous. This piercing is done horizontally through the lip. The piercing goes through the whole length of the lip so there is a lot of tissue affected. As such, this piercing is considered more complex and also more painful than regular lip piercings. Typically, the lower lip is the one that is pierced but some people choose to have a horizontal lip piercing through the upper lip.

Because the piercing goes through so much tissue, and because it is important to retain the person’s ability to speak and eat without a problem, recommended jewelry for this piercing type is flexible jewelry made of softer materials (metal jewelry is not the best option for this piercing type).

Horizontal Philtrum Piercing

This is one of the rarest facial piercings you can get. It is considered a lip piercing and a regular facial piercing. This piercing is a horizontal variant of the Philtrum piercing. Just like regular Philtrum, this one is done through the little dent between the nose and the upper lip, called philtrum. However, instead of the piercing going from the outside of the philtrum to the inside of the mouth, Horizontal Philtrum goes through the surface of the upper lip. It never goes inside the mouth. This is a very effective placement but also carries certain risks of migration, rejection and other problems. These are some of the reasons why this piercing is very rare.

Lowbret Piercing

Lowbret is a variation of a very popular labret piercing, only done very low on the lip. This rare lip piercing is positioned as low as possible inside the lower lip. In a way, it is very similar to the regular labret, only done lower on the lip. On the other hand, such a low placement makes the piercing feel and behave differently than the more popular variant. Lowbret piercing is known to be very uncomfortable to many people so this is one of the reasons why it’s so rare.

Vertical Lowbret Piercing

You think Lowbret Piercing is rare? Try Vertical Lowbret Piercing! This is a very rare lip piercing that produces a very unique look. It starts on the inside of the mouth, just in front of the lower teeth. From there, it goes down all the way to the jawline. This can be a very uncomfortable piercing but there are people who like it and enjoy it to the fullest.

The ideal jewelry for this piercing type is a long straight barbell. Some people use industrial barbells because of the length. In order to make for a comfortable experience, it is vital to properly calculate the length of the jewelry needed to maintain this piercing without any problems or discomfort.

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