A Quick Guide to Large Diameter Dick Sounds

Large Diameter Dick SoundsThere are many different urethral toys to try and have a great fun. Beginner users should stay away from toys that are too thick, but users with some experience can start experimenting with large diameter dick sounds. These urethral sounds are massive, powerful and can produce incredibly intense sensations. 

What Are Large Diameter Dick Sounds?

It might not be easy to define large diameter dick sounds, because what is large for one person might be average for another. This is thy there is no one, universal size to mark the large diameter urethral sounds.

Generally speaking, everything thicker than 12 to 14 millimeters in diameter is considered large. For some people, anything above 10 mm is getting into the thick territory, while for others, only sounds that are thicker than 18 mm are truly large gauge.

This is why it is important to know which size you want to get and what “large diameter” means to you. This is the only way to choose the best urethral toy for your needs. 

Individual Sounds

If you want to buy individual large diameter dick sounds, it is important to know that these products come in many different sizes. This is why it is so important to check the exact size and diameter before ordering your product.

Many of the urethral sounds come in different diameters. Some are very thin while some go very thick. The same model of a sound can be of beginner’s size or it may be very thick and ideal for users with plenty of experience. Since the same model can come in many different sizes, it is important to check which size you are ordering to avoid mistakes.

Some of the large diameter dick sounds come with a heavy texture and ribs. These ribs make the diameter of the sound even bigger, so you are getting a very thick and powerful sound. These sounds are ideal for those who like extreme sensations and very intense urethral toys.

Recommended products:

Ribbed Urethral Sound. This sound comes in many different diameters. The largest one is 16mm.

Striker Urethral Sound. This sound has a heavy texture and its diameter goes up to 16mm.

Royal Scepter Sounding Rod. This beautiful urethral toy has bumps and ribs made for additional stimulation. The diameter of this sound is 18mm.

The Bullet Urethral Sound. This sound has a heavy beaded texture made for powerful sensations. It comes in various sizes and the largest one is X-Large that goes up to 14mm.

Urethral Sounding Kits

Urethral sounding kits are excellent for those who want to experiment with sounds of different sizes. These kits have large diameter dick sounds you can use. The best thing about sounding kits is that they include not one but many large diameter urethral sounds you can use. While most kits also have thinner sounds, this is a great deal because you are getting many thick sounds at a very reasonable price.

If you really want to go hardcore, you may seek urethral sounding kits that contain only large diameter dick sounds. These kits are typically labeled “heavy duty”, “extreme”, “large”, “huge” or “for experienced users” so you can’t miss them. These kits contain only thick urethral sounds so you can satisfy your needs to the fullest.

Recommended products:

Heavy Duty Hegars For Big Boys. This is a premium sounding kit containing only large diameter dick sounds for powerful sensations. Sounds in this kit range from 12 to 20.5.

Hegar Urethral Sound Kit. This is a “regular” Hegar sound kit, which means it contains some thin sounds but also many with a big diameter. The largest of the sounds in this kit is 18mm.

Deluxe Flat Ended Sound Kit. These unusual sounds are ideal for experiencing new and exciting sensations. Sizes range from 0.164 inches up to 0.663 inches.

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