Questions to Ask an Ear-Piercing Guy

Questions to Ask an Ear-Piercing GuyBefore you get your first (or second, or tenth) ear piercing, there are some things you may want to know. In fact, it is necessary to ask certain things and receive answers from your piercer. There are some important questions to ask an ear-piercing guy. This will make you see whether the studio and the piercer are reliable. Furthermore, these questions will make you more informed, so you know what to expect from the piercing procedure.

The Most Important Questions to Ask an Ear Piercing Guy

Here are the most important questions to ask an ear piercing guy:

How long is the healing time?

You need to know how long it will take for your new ear piercing to heal. Remember: different piercings may have very different healing times, and you need to be ready for it. Never get a piercing unless you know how long it will take it to heal. Furthermore, knowing this time period can help you correctly gauge whether the piercing is truly healed or if it just appears so.

How to perform aftercare?

In order to keep your new piercing safe, you need to know how to perform adequate aftercare. It will typically involve cleaning your new piercing with a saline solution a few times per day. Your piercer should give you full instructions on how to proceed. Also, they should highlight any special care instructions that you need to follow, if there are some. 

Which placement is the best for me?

Before you can get a piercing you want, it is important to know which placement will suit you best. Remember, many piercings come in different placements and variants, which means that there are different areas on the ear that they can use. Your piercer should examine you and recommend the best placement for your anatomy.

What kind of jewelry do you recommend?

There are many gorgeous jewelry pieces you can use for your piercings. However, not all jewelry styles will work for all piercing types. Your piercer should tell you what kind of jewelry you can use for your specific piercing.

When can I change jewelry?

Another important thing to know is when you are allowed to change jewelry for the first time. You need to keep the initial jewelry piece for some time after getting your piercing, so you need to ask your piercer when it’s safe to change jewelry for the first time.

Have you performed this type of piercing before?

In order to find a piercer with adequate experience, you need to aske them how well they know the type of piercing you want to get. A piercer with plenty of experience in general piercings, but without experience in the type of piercing you want to get, may not be the best choice for your needs. However, this is at your discretion, but you need to know their experience level before you proceed.

Which piercing type is the best for me?

Your piercer can examine you and recommend the best ear-piercing type for your anatomy and style. You can tell them your wishes and they can tell you which piercing will suit you best. It is important to do this before you have your heart set on a specific piercing.

What jewelry materials are safe?

In order to stay safe, it is important to wear only high-quality jewelry made of safe materials. Titanium, Surgical Steel and some other materials are safe to wear. Some materials are safe, but not for new piercings in healing. Your piercer should highlight the safest materials for your jewelry.

What are some Dos and Don’ts of ear piercings?

There may be some specific benefits and drawbacks of an ear piercing type that you want to get. It is important to know about those things before you decide to get a piercing.

How not to regret this piercing?

Finally, it is important to know how not to regret a piercing. It largely depends on you, but your piercer can point out certain things that will make you less likely to regret your piercing once you get it.

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