PVD Coating

Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell

Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell

PVD Coating is a handy process that produces wonderful finishes.

It is used in many industries, including jewelry manufacturing.

PVD coating is safe, body-friendly and durable so it can be used for producing body jewelry without ill effects.

What is PVD Coating?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a special vacuum coating process typically done at very high temperatures. It produces a high-purity, solid coating material that can be used in many ways, including decorative finishes for body jewelry.

Depending on the needs, PVD coating is done to enhance the properties or aesthetics of the metal to which it’s applied. This technique produces a high-quality finish needed for many different products.

During the process, the coating material (metal, such as titanium) is evaporated or bombarded with ions. A special reactive gas (such as nitrogen) is introduced at the same time to form a compound with the metal to create a thin yet very adherent coating. It is possible to control the properties of the coating, such as its harness or structure.

PVD coating technique offers several distinctive advantages. It produces a very hard coating with a great wear resistance. It means that the coating will stick to the metal without being scratched or falling off easily. Another benefit to PVD coating is that it cannot be easily tarnished or discolored. It means that a shiny solid finish on a metal is there to stay and will look as new for a long time.

PVD Coating for Body Jewelry

All of these properties make PVD coating a good choice for body jewelry industry. It’s important to note that this process is body-friendly so it’s safe to use. Even sensitive people are known to wear PVD coated jewelry without a problem. In fact, PVD coating can offer some level of protection against metal underneath, though you should not count on that: it’s always best to wear jewelry made of body-friendly metals anyway. That being said, PVD coating is safe to use.

Safety is an important feature, but it’s not the main reason why PVD coating is used for body jewelry. One of the best things about PVD coatings is that they can be made in many different colors, which makes one of the best ways to produce body-friendly colored jewelry. The best of all? PVD coating can produce even colors not available through anodization!

PVD Coating: Shiny Black Jewelry

As you may know, anodization is a process that can change color properties of a metal. In body jewelry industry, it’s typically used on titanium and niobium. This is how you can have all those brightly colored jewelry pieces without any paints or chemicals.

There is one problem with anodization: it cannot produce all of the colors. Namely, it can’t produce red color. This might not seem like such a problem, because it can produce some similar colors, such as pink or purple. The bigger problem is that it cannot produce black color. Since black colored body jewelry is very popular, it’s important to use a different technique to achieve this color.

Enter PVD coating. Unlike paints and many other methods, this technique is body-friendly so it can be used safely and without a problem. PVD coating produces shiny black jewelry and it’s the best method to make black colored jewelry in a safe and durable way.

The color is made by using Titanium Aluminum Nitride and it’s deposited on the surface of the jewelry by vaporizing the titanium compound. It produces a shiny black coating on the jewelry that’s not easy to scratch or damage. This resistant finish is hypoallergenic and low-friction so it offers more than a simple aesthetic advantage.

PVD coating is used to give body jewelry that special black color. PVD coated titanium jewelry is particularly popular, since it’s lightweight, but PVD coated Surgical Steel jewelry is popular as well (and more affordable). Whatever you choose, rest assured that PVD coating is body-friendly, resistant and durable, so you can finally have black jewelry pieces for your collection that are both safe and stunning.

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