How to Put On a Chastity Cage

How to Put On a Chastity CageIf you wish to enjoy male chastity play, you need to know how to put on a chastity cage properly. Ensuring a proper fit is essential for a safe and successful experience so this is a step you should not overlook. It is crucial to position a chastity lock and the rest of device properly so there are no health consequences. This is why it is so important to know how to put on a chastity cage without a problem. Only then you will be able to enjoy your male chastity play to the fullest.

How to Put on a Chastity Cage: Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules on how to put on a chastity cage. Keep in mind that a lot will depend on the exact model of your male chastity device. There are many different penis cages and other medical play devices people use for male chastity. A lot will also depend on how you want to use your penis cage. Some people are simply looking for a light fun and a bit of teasing. These people will probably choose more open and comfortable penis cages. These cages tend to be easy to position but you still need to be careful so the device fits correctly around the penis.

Others take male chastity play more seriously. These people enjoy all the bondage moments and wish to restrict any possible access to the penis. These people will seek male chastity devices that can fully cover the penis, perhaps only with a pee hole. A pee hole is important because it allows long-term wear of the device. Most people who want to practice male chastity seek for this kind of devices. They are very popular and it is important to position the penis in the cage properly so it is comfortable. A perfect fit and comfort will ensure safety and allow you to wear your male chastity device for long periods of time.

Finally, there are people who take male chastity to the extreme. These people use male chastity cages to inflict pain, discomfort and other intense sensations. If you wish to use male chastity devices for cock and ball torture, it is more than possible to do that. However, even in these situations it is important to know how to put on a chastity device properly because it ensures safety during play.

Putting on the Cock Ring

As you can see, the number one rule on how to put on a chastity cage is to position your penis properly in the device. Again, a lot depends on the model but most male chastity cages have a cock ring on the bottom. This base ring is there to secure the device on your body and to hold the male chastity cage in place. Ensuring safety and a proper fit basically depends on the cock ring. In this sense, the main rule on how to put on a chastity cage is to know how to put on the cock ring. Keep in mind that the base ring of the penis cage goes around the testicle and the penis so you need to measure for a cock and ball penis ring, not the one that goes just around the penis.

Those who generally use cock rings should not have a problem with this step. In order to ensure a perfect fit and to stay safe, it is vital to choose a ring that fits you. This is why it is so important to know how to measure yourself properly for a cock ring. You need to know what size of the ring you need so you can wear a male chastity cage properly. Alternatively, if you are unsure which size you need, you may order a male chastity device that comes with a set of rings or that provides another way to adjust the size of your device.

There are two types of rings and two ways to put them on:

  • Hinged rings. If your device has a hinged ring, it will be relatively easy to put on compared to solid rings. How to put on a chastity cage with a hinged ring? Simply open up the ring wide and place it behind the balls. Close it carefully and make sure that it fits comfortably.
  • Solid rings. If your chastity device comes with a solid ring, it will be a bit trickier to put on but chances are that it will fit more comfortably. How to put on a chastity cage with a solid ring? You need to do that when your penis is flaccid and completely soft or otherwise it wouldn’t work. First, push one testicle through the ring and then the other testicle. It is best to do it by first pulling the scrotal skin and making testicle follow through the ring. Once both testicles are inside the ring, carefully bend your penis downward to pull it through the ring.

Putting On the Rest of the Device

Once the ring is in place, it is important to fit the rest of the device. First, take a look at the locking pin. Some chastity devices come with a locking pin fixed to the cage. Other models have spacers that allow you to find the best fit for the lock. You need to position the spacers at the length that is most comfortable for you.

Once the lock is in place it is time to put on the rest of the male chastity device. Before you fit the cage, apply a bit of a lubricant to your penis, both the shaft and the glans. Carefully, position the tip of your penis in the cage. Pull the cage up until it touches the fixing parts. Depending on the model, the fixing might be guide pins, post, etc. Make sure to properly line up the hole in the cage and the cock ring. Push the cage back toward the ring. Click the padlock to lock the device. Before you do that make sure to know where the keys are – you need to know how to locate them in case of an emergency. If your partner has the keys it is important to keep them safe!

Once you are safely locked in your penis cage you can enjoy male chastity to the fullest. This is why it’s so important to know how to put on a chastity cage properly: it ensures safety and full satisfaction.

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