Proper Placement for a Helix Piercing

Proper Placement for a Helix PiercingHelix piercing is one of the most attractive ear piercings. It can truly enhance your look and there are many different earrings you can wear with it. This ear cartilage piercing offers numerous possibilities for jewelry and style. However, in order for it to work, you need a proper placement for a helix piercing.

What is a Proper Placement for a Helix Piercing?

A helix piercing is a piercing on the helix of the ear. The helix is part of the cartilage that makes the upper ear.

Since helix is relatively large, there are many spots where you can pierce it. This is why many people wonder about the proper placement for a helix piercing. Such a placement will make the piercing safe and allow it to heal without problems. Also, a proper placement for a helix piercing will emphasize the piercing and enhance its jewelry.

Luckily, there is no one proper placement for a helix piercing. There are actually many different spots your piercer can use to make a helix piercing. Almost any point at the curve of the ear or a bit lower will do. There are many people who decide to get two or more helix piercings so the placement can be at different points of the curve of your ear.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the piercing should be done by a professional and that it fits your anatomy. This is why you need a reliable piercer with plenty of experience: they will know how to find the best placement for your helix piercing.

A bit of a complex situation is for those who want to have an Industrial piercing. This piercing consists of two ear cartilage piercings, typically at the opposite points of the helix. The two piercing holes are connected by the same jewelry piece (a long straight barbell). In order to make an Industrial piercing work, it is important to align both of the holes perfectly. This is where a proper placement for a helix piercing becomes so important. Luckily, there are many different ways to position these holes so you can get very different Industrial piercings.

Jewelry Choices

Since helix is relatively large and there are many possibilities for a proper placement for a helix piercing, it means that there are also many jewelry choices. Helix piercing jewelry is very varied and includes many different ear jewelry styles.

The most popular jewelry choices for a helix piercing include:

  • Rings. Rings are the most popular type of ear piercing jewelry for helix piercings. There are any different types of rings you can use, starting from Captive Bead Rings to Fixed rings and other ring types.
  • Labret Studs. Some people prefer to use cute labret studs for their helix piercings. This jewelry choice is discreet and ideal for those who prefer their helix piercing jewelry to be small and elegant.
  • Circular Barbells. While this is not the most common choice for helix piercings, there are some people who use these circular earrings. Circular barbells resemble rings in many ways but add a bit of a different touch to your helix piercing.
  • Industrial Barbells. These are ideal for those who have an Industrial piercing. Industrial piercing consists of two helix piercings on different parts of the ear that are connected by the same straight barbell. This barbell has to be extra-long to accommodate for the length of the piercing. These barbells are Industrial barbells and can be very shiny and decorative to attract a lot of attention to your helix piercings.
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