Proper Ball Stretcher Size: Important or Not?

Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight

Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight

In order to enjoy your ball stretchers to the fullest and to achieve the best results it is crucial to ensure a good fit. Your ball stretcher has to be of a correct size. This is particularly true for metal ball stretchers: they are sturdy and provide a good grip, so getting the best fit is essential. Improper sizing leads to numerous problems and health concerns. In order to prevent these issues it’s important to always wear a ball stretcher that fits you perfectly.

Why is Fit So Important?

Proper fitting and ball stretcher size are crucial for several reasons:

  • Ball stretching is not a harmful activity if you do it properly, and one of the ways to ensure safety is to get a properly-sized stretcher. Improper sizing causes numerous problems and concerns. It can hurt your testicles badly, restrict the blood flow and lead to other issues. In short, it is very dangerous to wear a ball weight that is not of a proper size for you.
  • Improperly sized ball stretcher leads to discomfort and other problems during wear. Instead of providing desired sensations, it is uncomfortable, painful and irritating. While ball stretchers can be used for CBT (cock and ball torture), it has to be done intentionally and with care. Pain caused by your improperly fitted stretcher is not something you want. To avoid this problem, it’s important to choose stretchers that fit you perfectly.
  • If you wish to achieve effective results and get those impressive low hangers you need to use proper devices. Your ball stretchers need to be properly sized in order to do their work. Ensure a good fit if you wish to achieve visible, significant results and truly stretch your balls. Also, a good fit is important for any long-term result of ball stretching, so don’t forget about that.
  • Practical issues. There are some important practical issues to think about. Improper fitting makes it almost impossible to wear your ball stretcher If it’s too small it will be too tight, causing health problems and discomfort. If it’s too big your testicles will simply slip out. This is not a desired scenario, especially in public places. Think about it if you wish to use your stretchers for everyday wear. Also, think about urinating and performing other daily activities. In order to be able to do it without problems it’s vital to have a properly sized ball weight.

These are the main issues regarding ball stretchers and fitting. In short, ball weights and other ball stretching devices are unable to do their work unless you provide a good fit. Also, getting an improperly-sized ball stretcher can be very dangerous. For these reasons, make sure to always ensure a good fit.

What if I Made a Mistake?

Measuring and ensuring a good fit for your ball stretcher requires a post of its own. For now, it’s important to know what to do if you end up with an improperly-sized stretching device.

What happens if you get a ball stretcher of an incorrect size? First of all, it is strongly advisable to take the ball stretcher off immediately. Because of the reasons discussed above, it is not safe nor wise to wear an improperly-sized ball weight or another stretching device.

Do not try to fix it on your own and do not try to force your body into it. If a ball stretcher doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.

So, what to do? You have several options. You may wish to keep it for the future. The measurements change as you go through the ball stretching process so the stretcher may fit you eventually. It is not always the case so it’s a bit of a risk, but it is a possibility.

If you do not wish to take this chance, you will need to return it. Ask the store is they accept returns and if they can be exchanged for the correct size. This may be the best course of action because there is no harm done.

The Chain Gang has a 30 days exchange policy on ball stretchers. If you order a ball stretcher of a wrong size, simply return it and we will send you the one of the correct size. Yes, you can try it on – how else will you know if it fits or not? Just make sure to exchange it within 30 days and get one of the right size.

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