Are Porous Sex Toys Dangerous?

Porous Sex ToysThere are many different types of sex toys you can use for masturbation or for making your sex with a partner more exciting. There are so many variations of adult toys that it is difficult to name them all in one go. Another important thing to know about sex toys is that most types come in many different materials. Sometimes, adult toys are referred to as “porous”. Are porous sex toys dangerous? How to know if a toy is porous?

What Are Porous Sex Toys?

Porous sex toys are not a special type of adult toys. Rather, the term “porous” refers to the material that is used to make a specific adult toy. Since there are so many sex toys on the market it is unavoidable that some products are better than the others. With a growing interest in adult toys it is not surprising that there are some of very low quality just like there are high-quality sex toys. Needless to say, cheap sex toys are generally much worse than the more expensive ones, mainly because of the cheaper materials.

While not everything that is more expensive is better, it is important to understand that a material is very important for the quality of a sex toy. Quality in this sense also includes safety. Keep in mind that sex toys come in contact with some very sensitive spots so they need to be of high-quality. This includes the material, too.

Certain sex toy materials are porous. What does it mean? A porous material is filled with microscopic holes that can easily catch and keep anything they come in contact with, such as dirt, mold, chemicals, bacteria and other bad things. Porous sex toys are those made with these materials, which means that these toys can absorb all the dirt, bacteria and other harmful things.

Another bad thing about porous materials is that they are very difficult to clean properly. Because the micro holes catch the harmful materials they are very difficult to remove, even with harsh cleaning. Even more, strong cleaning products can also get into the micro holes, filling the sex toy with chemicals, dyes and other harmful content.

The Alternative to Porous Sex Toys

As you can see, porous sex toys are dangerous. They can’t be properly sanitized and they are difficult to clean. It means that it is very difficult if not impossible to keep them properly clean. Proper sanitation is almost impossible with porous sex toys.

This can create huge problems and can even be a health hazard. Even if you are the only person using a specific toy you need to clean it before and after use, which may become impossible with a porous sex toy. Things become even more complicated if you want to use the same sex toy as someone else. While toy sharing is generally not the best idea you might do it but only in the case of toys you can properly sanitize. This is simply impossible with porous sex toys, which opens all kinds of dangerous scenarios.

The solution? Avoid using porous sex toys whenever possible. Use only adult toys made of safe, non-porous materials. Luckily, there are many great sex toys made of safe materials. Many of them are not even expensive so it is possible to have a safe, non-porous and quality sex toy without spending a lot of money.

Remember: it is important to choose sex toys made of non-porous materials. Good non-porous materials are various metals, wood and glass. When it comes to softer and more flexible sex toys a good choice is silicone. All of these materials you can properly clean and many can fully sanitize. This is the best way to avoid problems associated with porous sex toys.

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