Popularity of Nose Rings

In the United States, nose rings have only been showing up for the last 15 or so years and at first many looked at those wearing these adornments as gang members or people that you certainly would not like to have as your friend. However, many many years ago, in a far away land, nose piercings was the norm.

Nose piercings and nose rings have been around for centuries even found in the Bible when the Hebrew word “Shanf” was used in Genesis 24:22 when Rekekah received a “golden earring” which was in the translation “Shanf” which meant nose-ring, just translated a bit differently.

Then you look at the ancient Aztec, Mayan, and American Indians that pierced their noses to look more ferocious to their enemies. The various items used for the rings were tusks and bones.

During the Nomadic period, tribes of Africa often adorned nose rings to denote their wealth. The Berber and Beja tribes still have hold dear to this practice were as the nose ring is given to the wife as a gift and will be her security if divorce occurs.

By the 16th century, nose piercing reached India by way of the Moghul emperors. The thought behind the piercing is the left side of the nostril was to decrease the pain during childbirth.

The 1960’s, in America, had the hippie generation traveling to India in search of the truth seeking out divinity from monks and religious leaders. Here Americans got their first taste of nose jewelry. Many brought the ideas back with them and by the 1980’s the Punk Rock movement used nose rings as a sign of rebellion.

Today, whether many parents wish to accept the new fashion trend or not, nose piercings and nose jewelry is a thing that is highly accepted even in the celebrity scene, thus one main reason that everyone desires to wear at least a small nose ring or stone. Celebrities have helped to increase the popularity of this fashion trend that is a way to express ones own personality. A few of the celeb’s you might see with a nose ring include Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Slash, and Sinead O’Connor among many others.

Of course, everything can be extreme and over done; however, a nose ring in good taste will be a great way to express one’s own beauty and personality. As you look for “what’s hot” in the latest nose ring jewelry you will find titanium colored captive bead rings, Niobium seamless rings, 14K gold seamless rings, and genuine diamond nostril screws or nosebones to name a few.

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