The Most Popular Vibrating Urethral Sounds

Those who like urethral toys but are looking for something extra may benefit from the vibrating urethral sounds. These are wonderful toys that have a lot of power. They are ideal for those who like intense, yet sensual urethral stimulation with just enough power to take you off the edge. Vibrating urethral toys come in many sizes, shapes and designs so you will be able to find just the one that suits you best.

The Advantage of Vibrating Urethral Sounds

Most Popular Vibrating Urethral SoundsVibrating urethral sounds, also known as “male vibrators” are excellent urethral toys for those who need a bit of extra sensations during their urethral play. They come in all the standard designs you find with other urethral toys, such as urethral sounds and penis plugs. As such, they are familiar to those who know how to use basic urethral toys for stimulation. However, vibrating urethral sounds offer something extra.

They typically have a deep vibrating power that sends nice vibrations along your penis and urethra. This is like truly having a vibrator inside you! Many men claim that vibrations enhance the sensations even further and make them aroused and hard in no time.

That not to say that vibrating urethral sounds (or male vibrators, as they are often called), are just for men. On the contrary: women, too, can enjoy these amazing urethral toys. One good thing about vibrating urethral sounds is that they are often relatively slim, so they can fit a woman’s urethra without much problem. Women often have a trouble finding good urethral toys that fit them, so this is a good news. While not all vibrating urethral sounds will be comfortable for you or provide a good fit, you will sure be able to find at least some that suit you perfectly.

Beginner Users and Vibrating Sounds

Since vibrating urethral sounds provide some extra sensations, people often wonder if these urethral toys are okay for beginner users. The truth is that all depends on your individual preferences and comfort level. Some people prefer to fully master the use of regular urethral toys before moving to the vibrating sounds.

On the other hand, it is important to note that while vibrating sounds do offer some extra sensations and intensity, they are not really more demanding than regular urethral toys. In fact, many of these toys are relatively slim and relatively short. It means that even beginners can use them to have a great time. In other words, if you are a newbie user who wants to try vibrating urethral sounds: go for it! Chances are that they won’t feel much more demanding than the regular urethral toys. However, make sure to go with a vibrating urethral toy that is good for beginners. You should stay away from massive, heavy urethral toys. Save these for later, when you have more experience and skills with urethral stimulation.

Recommended Products

Here are some vibrating urethral sounds we recommend for your pleasure:

Smooth Vibrating Urethral Sound – Male Vibrator, Small Vibrating Sound – Male Vibrator, Beaded Ball Male Vibrator, The Vibrating Urethral Sound – Male Vibrator, Extra Long Male Urethral Vibrator / Vibrating Sound, Vibrating and Ribbed Sound – Male Vibrator, The “Roman Candle” Urethral Male Vibrator, Unicorn Horn Vibrator, Beginners Ribbed Urethral Vibrator, Big Boy Vibrator, Olive Shaped Male Vibrator.

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