The Most Popular Lip Studs

Stud LipsLip piercings are popular, stylish and attractive. A great thing about these piercings is that body jewelry you can use with your lip piercing is discreet and will not put too much pressure on your mouth. Stud lips are the most popular jewelry type for lip piercings.

What are Stud Lips?

Stud lips, lip studs or labret studs, are popular jewelry choices for lip piercings. While you can use many different jewelry styles for your lip piercings, these studs are a perfect jewelry choice. Some people think that lip rings are the only jewelry you can use for your lip piercings but stud lips (labrets) are actually the most popular choice.

The basic design of a lip stud is simple yet very effective. A labret stud has a straight body (shaft) that is typically short and small in dimensions. On one end of the shaft there is a bead or another type of decoration. Some beads are smooth while others have a gem. Some labret studs have gems in special settings instead of beads. The other side of the shaft has a flat end. This end is small and smooth. It goes inside of the mouth. It has to be smooth and flat so it doesn’t damage teeth.

Since lip piercings are both facial and oral piercings it is important to wear only jewelry that is safe for the body and will not damage the inside of your mouth. This is why lip studs are so effective: they are small and specially designed to prevent any injuries to your mouth.

These labret studs are specially designed for the lip and you can use them for a wide range of lip piercings. The most common piercings to use labret studs are labret piercing, Monroe and Madonna piercings, Medusa piercing, and more.

Another group of piercings that can use stud lips (labrets) are Bites piercings. These are lip piercings that consist of two or more individual lip piercings with distinctive placements. All of the individual piercings in the group can use labret studs. If you have a Bites piercing it is important to wear identical jewelry in all of the piercings so it emphasizes that these piercings are part of the same group.

Types of Stud Lips

There are many different stud lips you can choose for your piercing. A lot will depend on the exact type of the piercing you have. Keep in mind that body jewellery often depends on the piercing type. While most of the lip piercings can use stud lips (labrets), not all of them can, so it is important to ask your piercer whether your piercing type can use these lip studs.

The good news is that most lip piercings can use stud lips. Another great thing is that these piercings are very popular so there is a huge variety of labret studs you can choose for your piercing.

Popular types of stud lips include:

  • Basic Studs. These are simple yet elegant labret studs you can use for your lip piercings. These stud lips have a smooth bead. Many of these labrets are 14k gold ones but these also come in other materials, too. The ball is smooth so it is discreet yet elegant and attractive.
  • Labret Studs with Gems. Some labrets have beads with a shiny gem. This adds color to your lip piercing and makes it more attractive. There are many different gem colors you can choose from to make your piercing even more stylish.
  • Labrets with Gems in a Setting. Some labret studs have gems inside of special settings instead of beads. The most popular settings are bezel setting and prong setting. There is a wide range of gems you can choose for your labret stud.
  • Diamond Labrets. A diamond labret is the most luxurious stud you can choose for your lip piercing. These are typically 14k gold labret studs with a gem inside of a special setting. Instead of a typical gem, these lip studs have a real diamond. This is a very elegant and luxurious choice and it is ideal for special circumstances.
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