Popular Jewelry for Stretched Lobes

Stretched earlobesPopular Jewelry for Stretched Lobes are the most popular type of stretched piercings. Once your lobes are stretched to a larger gauge you may start wearing special jewelry designed for large gauge piercings.

While nothing prevents you from wearing the usual jewelry types, such as Captive Bead Rings, it is always more effective to wear special jewelry made for stretched lobes in mind.

This is the best way to attract attention and accentuate the looks of your stretched lobes.

Ear plugs, flesh tunnels and earlets (also known as eyelets) are the most popular jewelry types suitable for stretched earlobes. Some other jewelry types, such as spirals and claws, are also made for stretched lobes, but the aforementioned three are by far the most popular jewelry types you can use for your stretched lobes.

Jewelry for Stretched Lobes: Most Common Designs

Ear plugs are solid, typically cylindrical jewelry types made to sit comfortably inside a stretched lobe. Smooth plugs without flared ends require O-rings to hold them in place. Plugs with flared ends are more difficult to insert but they do not require O-rings to hold them. Some plugs have one smooth and one flared end so they require only one O-ring. They are made to be the best of both worlds: relatively easy to insert but with only one O-ring so they look more elegant.

Flesh tunnels and earlets (eyelets) are hollow jewelry types. The hollow middle allows the stretched hole to be visible when the jewelry is inside the lobe. This makes for a very striking effects. Just like ear plugs, flesh tunnels and earlets can be flared or non-flared, though most of them do have at least one flared end.

Jewelry for Stretched Lobes: The Differences

There are many similarities between the main jewelry types designed for stretched lobes. First of all, these jewelry types are always made in large gauges, so they go with stretched piercings. The design itself is made to accentuate the look of stretched lobes and to make lobes look more attractive. This is particularly true for hollow jewelry types (flesh tunnels and earlets), since they allow for the stretched hole to be seen.

That being said, there are also some important differences between these common jewelry types. It is important to know about them so you can make an informed decision which jewelry type to use. It is also vital to be aware of the unique designs of the each type so you can differentiate between them.

Ear plugs are solid jewelry types. Unlike flesh tunnels and earlets (eyelets) they are not hollow and they don’t allow the stretched hole to be seen when the jewelry is inserted. They are thick and often made of organic materials so the jewelry piece itself is not too heavy.

Flesh tunnels and earlets are both hollow jewelry types and they are very much similar. The main difference is that earlets (eyelets) are typically one-piece hollow tubes. Flesh tunnels, on the other hand, usually have one removable end that can be attached to the back of the jewelry once the jewelry is inside the ear. This is not a rule of thumb but it’s usually the easiest way to differentiate between most types of earlets and flesh tunnels.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Jewelry made for stretched earlobes is often incorrectly called “gauges”. Ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets and other jewelry types suitable for stretched lobes are called “gauges” because they are of large gauge and suitable for large gauge piercings. However, it is incorrect to call any jewelry type a “gauge”.
  • These jewelry types are most commonly used for stretched earlobes but most of them can be used for other stretched piercings types located on other body parts. The only thing to pay attention to is the shape of the jewelry and comfort. Some body parts, such as genitalia, require very smooth jewelry or else you are risking discomfort and injury.
  • As mentioned above, you don’t have to wear special jewelry in your stretched Even standard jewelry pieces will do, as long as they are of the appropriate gauge. However, special jewelry types such as ear plugs will definitely attract more attention.
  • Another advantage to specialized jewelry (ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets, etc.) is that they are often made of organic materials, which are much lighter than metal. It makes these jewelry pieces more comfortable and less damaging to the earlobe. Regular jewelry made of metal is just too heavy when made in large gauges so it may cause discomfort. To prevent this problem, it’s best to wear ear jewelry made of organic materials.
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