The Most Popular Jewelry for Intimate Piercings

Jewelry for Intimate PiercingsWhen it comes to the best jewelry for intimate piercings, it is important to choose based on your piercing type. Different piercings require different jewelry options. It is particularly important in the case of genital piercings, since they are located at very sensitive body parts. This is a crucial thing to keep in mind when you decide on which genital jewelry to buy for your intimate piercings.

Also, keep in mind that in the case of genital piercings, the most popular choices tend to be the safest. Safe jewelry for intimate piercings is the one that is smooth and made of safe materials. This way, jewelry will not hurt the delicate tissue. This is important for all piercings but it becomes vital in the case of genital piercings.

How to Choose Jewelry for Intimate Piercings?

When it comes to jewelry for intimate piercings, it is best do go the safest route. There are many different genital piercings you can get, and each piercing type has specific jewelry that suits it. For example, many piercings can only accommodate rings while others can only accommodate straight barbells. The first thing to do is to stick to this and use only jewelry choices that are best for your piercing type.

The other thing to keep in mind is the shape. Jewelry for intimate piercings has to be sooth and without any sharp decorations that could hurt genitalia. This is why Surgical Steel and titanium work great as genital body jewelry. Some other materials, such as 14k nickel-free gold and niobium are also a good choice. It is important that the jewelry piece is super smooth and comfortable.

Finally, it is vital to make sure that your jewelry for intimate piercings is of high-quality. It means safe materials and good craftsmanship. This will ensure that the jewelry piece is strong and that it wouldn’t break. All of this is important to prevent injuries and other problems. Also, it is important to wear only genital jewelry made of safe materials that will not hurt the body.

Female Intimate Piercings

Female genital body jewelry is very elegant and highly varied depending on the piercing type. The goal is to have an attractive jewelry piece that will enhance the looks of your intimate area but also to stay safe. Since clitoris, labia and the surrounding tissue are very sensitive, it is crucial to use smooth, high-quality body jewelry that will not hurt the wearer.

Just keep in mind that most of the female genital piercings are not really clit piercings. These are mostly clitoral hood piercings or Triangle piercings so they are not as extreme as a true clitoris piercing. Still, it is important to stay safe so your jewelry needs to protect your delicate body parts at all times.

This is why the most popular jewelry for intimate piercings are smooth barbells and rings. Luckily, ladies do not have to resort to plain jewelry pieces. In fact, it is possible to choose a stylish gold clit barbell or even a diamond clit ring. These are super luxurious options that will sure make your intimate piercing more attractive while keeping you safe.

Male Intimate Piercings

Male intimate piercings consist of penis piercings and other genital piercings. It is important to choose the right jewelry for both. The most popular male genital piercing is a PA piercing,so it is easy to find nice jewelry for it. Prince Albert piercings can use various jewelry choices but most people choose to go with a super smooth PA ring.

Rings are a great choice for some other male intimate piercings, such as Frenum and Lorum piercings. Guiche rings are the most popular option for perineum piercings as well as surface scrotum piercings. These rings have to be smooth so they do not damage the sensitive tissue. Since Guiche piercings are so near the anal opening they can get dirty easily so it is important to have a high-quality ring to stay safe.

While many men opt for Surgical Steel rings, it is important to know that you may also choose a gold penis ring for your piercing. This can add a special flare to your piercing and make it more attractive.

However, keep in mind that not all male genital piercings can use rings. Certain piercings, such as Apadravya and Ampallang, use straight barbells. Other penis piercings, such as Dolphin piercings or Dydoe piercings, use curved barbells.

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