The Most Popular Gold Navel Jewelry Pieces

There are many adorable navel jewelry pieces you can use for your piercing. Since belly button piercing is so popular, it is not surprising that you can find high-quality navel jewelry in many different sizes, shapes and designs. In fact, naval gems and other types of navel jewelry are among the most attractive body jewelry pieces. Out of these, the most gorgeous and luxurious are gold navel jewelry pieces. These are the best choice when you want to leave an impression.

Why Use Gold Navel Jewelry Pieces?

14 K Gold Body Jewelry is among the most beautiful of all body jewelry. Gold is an attractive, luxurious material that sure leaves an impression. As such, it is ideal for richly ornamented and sparkling jewelry pieces such as those used for navel piercing.

Gold Navel Jewelry PiecesIt is not a secret that belly button piercing often requires luxurious and shiny jewelry pieces. Navel jewelry is typically richly ornamented, with gems, dangles and other decorations. These decorations work the best if they come with a shiny gold navel jewelry piece.

There is another reason why gold navel jewelry pieces are so popular. This type of gold makes a great body jewelry material: 14k gold is ideal for making body jewelry. It is gorgeous, luxurious and safe to use. However, it is important to use only nickel-free 14k gold for navel jewelry. This is a high-quality gold that is safe for use. Keep this in mind when you decide to choose your gold navel jewelry pieces. It is important to pick only the highest quality gold jewelry.

Gold navel jewelry pieces are ideal for many different situations. They work great for those special occasions when you want to show off and look your best. Since gold is a luxurious material, these jewelry pieces will match any elegant outfit.

At the same time, there are many gold navel jewelry pieces that are not flashy at all. These are very elegant and ideal for less formal situations. You can even wear your gold belly ring or another discrete piece on day to day basis.

The Most Popular Gold Navel Jewelry

  • Gold Navel Barbells. The most popular type of navel jewelry is the curved barbell. These gold navel jewelry pieces typically include at least one gem. If there is only one gem on a gold curved barbell, chances are that it is the bottom gem. However, there are also gold barbells with the top gem. Many gold navel barbells include both a top and a bottom gem. There are also numerous navel gold barbells that include dangles, chains, dangle gems and charms. All these decorative elements make the jewelry piece even more luxurious and attractive.
  • Gold Navel Rings. These are popular navel jewelry pieces ideal for those who prefer a more discreet look. Gold rings are shiny and attractive yet less flashy than some other navel jewelry options. Gold navel rings are typically fixed rings but many people prefer to use other ring types. Most of the navel rings include at least one gem to make the piece more stylish and attractive.
  • Diamond Navel Jewelry. This is by far the most luxurious option. Gold diamond navel jewelry is elegant, attractive and very stylish. These luxurious navel pieces are ideal for those special occasions when you want to attract a lot of attention. Diamond navel piercing jewelry typically includes a gold barbell (or perhaps a ring) with a genuine diamond instead of a regular gem. This is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd!
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