Popular Body Piercings and Their Healing Periods

What is the one thing that you really, really need to have if you are a piercing lover or considering getting one? Patience that’s what! There is no definite answer to how much the healing period is for you, but it is, in no way, a day or two. Different piercings have different healing time periods. While oral/facial piercings heal sooner, others take some time. It also depends on the piercee’s body and skin type and lifestyle.

The healing period is generally divided into two phases – Primary Healing and Full Healing. Full healing starts after the Primary Healing is over. Let’s look at the different types of prominent piercings and their approximate healing periods. The time period indicated is the Primary Healing stage, during which the jewelry should not be touched and the piercing should not be stimulated in anyway whatsoever.

Ear lobes – One of the most pierced body part. Let’s skip the details and get straight to the point. It takes about 6-8 weeks for ear lobe piercings to heal.
Ear cartilage – Slightly more uncommon than ear lobe piercing, cartilage piercings are fast gaining popularity. Because the area pierced is not all flesh, the healing period is more, anywhere from 6-13 months.
Nostril – The second most pierced body part after ear lobes, nostril piercings have been practiced since times immemorial. Primary Healing period is 2-3 months after which you can adorn it with beautiful rings or pins.
Bridge – For the daring, who really want to make a statement, the nose bridge piercing is the way to go. Placed on the skin between the eyes, without involving the nose bone, the bridge takes about 2-3 months to heal primarily.
Nipples – Both male and female nipple piercings are getting popular by the day. They are centered usually at the base of the nipple and can be at any angle but are usually done horizontally. Healing period is 3-6 months.
Genital – For the truly daring, these piercings are sometimes frowned upon but this does not affect their growing acceptance. There are many different types of genital piercings and these probably need the most care. They can take anywhere from 1-6 months to heal.

Remember, each person’s body is different and therefore, healing periods are different too. So if your friend is stuffing his mouth with pizza a week after getting a tongue piercing and you are still in the ice cream and soup stage, do not worry. There is nothing wrong with you, your tongue or your piercing. Be patient for a while and then you can go wild and flaunt as much as you want!

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