Play Piercing

What is play piercing? Play piercing is done by temporarily piercing your skin with a sharp object for fun or pleasure. Needles are normally the puncture tool of choice for this fun. Many who do this are doing it for self expression, sexual pleasure, and entertainment, and sometimes it is part of a tribal culture. This should only be done with one time use only sterile needles to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases or infection. So please be very careful if you do enjoy this pleasure.

The main stimulation usually behind doing these temporary piercings are to produce a natural endorphin high that can last for hours. It can also make you have many wonderful sexual experiences if you experience this high with good timing. This is one of the reasons that it has become so popular.

You can position the needles almost everywhere on your body with the exception of your hands, wrist, or spine. When the needles enter your body they should also exit your body as well. You should only pierce a layer or two of skin. And always clean the area with antiseptic before you begin, to prevent infection before you begin any play piercing.

If you are looking for a more extreme play piercing, then you should look into suspension. But please only do this with experienced piercers as this could be very dangerous.

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