Body Piercing Migration or Rejection

If you have body piercings I am sure that you have heard about “piercing migration” or “piercing rejection”. What is it? Piercing migration is when your body keeps pushing out the body jewelry that you have inserted into your body piercing. It will keep pushing it closer and closer to the surface of your skin. The reason is because your body feels that it is a foreign object like a splinter and it wants it out. This can be because of the gauge of the jewelry, or because of an allergy to the metal, or most commonly from using poor quality body jewelry. Sometimes your body is just very picky, and there is not much you can do. If gone unnoticed your body will reject the jewelry by pushing it totally out of your body causing scarring that will remain noticeable.

Piercing Migration does not happen overnight it can take severals weeks for this to happen. These are a few warning signs that you can look for such as: the piercing is constantly sore, Jewelry seems a lot looser then when first pierced, your jewelry is more visible through the piercing, and the hole getting bigger around the jewelry holes, and of course there is less skin holding the body jewelry in. Once this happens there is not much more you can do except to remove the Jewelry and let the piercing heal up completely. Then get it re-pierced. Also this does not happen on just new piercings it can also happen on totally healed piercings.

If you do experience this with your piercing it doesn’t mean the will not be able to have any body piercings. What it means is that you may have to be pierced with a larger gauge piece of jewelry than you tried the first time or you can try changing the type of jewelry that you used. If you used Surgical Steel try Titanium or 14k Gold in your piercing.

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